Friday, April 29, 2022

Enchanted Chest

My design team creation for The Rubber Buggy. OMG, I honestly was really surprised at how beautiful this collection is. ENCHANTED by Memory Place is so versatile, it could be used for a floral garden project or it is feminine enough to make a beautiful ladies project. I have created a 'chest' using cigar boxes I obviously altered. Each 'box' is different in it's appearance as well as functionality. This piece is a nice size and can hold a ton of items, making it not only pretty but very very useful. This collection features flowers and fairies but in such a tasteful way making it so very easy to use. This is the front of the chest showing the 3 levels and the beautiful papers and embellishments I have used from the collection to adorn it even a bit more. There is sooooo much in this collection, I wanted to use as much as I could.
The bottom section has a hinged drop down front that holds a waterfall album (waterfalls are one of my all time favorite techniques) and holds a many spaces for photos as well as journaling.
Level 2 has a drawer that also holds a ton of the fabulous cut a parts from the collection ready to be used as is or to further their use and make cards or booklets.
Level 3 has a lift off lid and hold journaling cards as well as many tags, all from this collection!

Opening the bottom flap using the pretty ornate handle reveals the album inside. You can see I have matted and papered the inside of the boxes as well as the outsides. Such a beautiful collection with fabulous pattern papers, the hardest part of it was deciding how to used them all. The album I created is a 5X7 waterfall album. I have also created a large 'book band' to keep it closed so it fits nicely inside the bottom box. 

The Album in it's large box band

The large box band

The back and side of the box band with the album behind

The waterfall album showing the outside cover front, back and spine

The waterfall album opened. I love waterfalls because they offer so much room in such a small space. I also created a pen box inside so it's handy to used those journaling cards and add notes to pics.

Doesn't that pen just absolutely go with the album!

Middle box with it's drawer open showing the beautiful 'post card size' cut a parts it holds. These would be perfect for mailing as a card, or using to create a booklet or even adding photos too. By altering the cigar boxes, I removed the front of the lower one to make the hinged drop down panel. Cutting part of the front section on the second box I built up the inside to make a drawer 'track' and used a smaller cigar box to make the drawer removing the top of it. 

The top box has a completely removeable lid accented with a cute little double beaded pull. I also used the "Leave a little Sparkle wherever you go" from the paper and let it be a curvy dimensional enhancement. The lid is show with the 'under side' so you can see the pretty pattern paper.

Look at all the journaling cards and tags stored in this top box. These are all from the collection! Plenty to use. Showing the lid ajar to see how pretty the top box is papered inside.

The top box looking down to show the lid in it's entirety. 
This was a fun fun project to do and so easy with that collection.

The back side of the 'chest'

The feet, I used the unfinished wooden pieces and painted them and decorated them modestly with Stickles.

All of the box open

Such a fun fun project. I hope you enjoy this one! You can find this collection 'Enchanted' by Memory Place at The Rubber Buggy (links below). Links also to my youtube walk through as well as a materials list.

Materials List
  • ENCHANTED by Memory Place 12 X 12 paper pad
  • ENCHANTED 8 X 8 paper pad
  • ENCHANTED Journaling Cards
  • ENCHANTED Ephemera Pack
  • ENCHANTED Cut a Parts
  • My Colors Cardstock 'Desert Cactus'
  • My Colors Cardstock 'Shale'
  • Cream Cardstock
  • Various size cigar boxes
  • Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint Charcoal
  • Score Tape
  • Art Glitter Glue
  • Stickles Red 
  • Unfinished Wooden pieces (4)
  • Hardware Tim Holtz
  • Unfinished Wooden bead
  • White bead
  • Black Chipboard


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