Thursday, May 28, 2015

What a wonderful response to my creations! I've got several orders which makes me happy to know my albums will be going all over the country and even out of the cool is that! I am currently working on an order for an 'Army Album', and must say I am quite pleased with how it's coming along. I will post photos after delivering this one to the customer and asking her permission to post pics. I think she will be surprised as she has tons of pictures of her son she is planning to use it for. I'm sure she is a very proud military mother! I'm so happy I am able to be a small part of making her day.... I hope her son also likes it when he gets a chance to see it.
Stop in again soon, to view the next creation folks...... and feel free to leave comments.

If I can do any kind of special order for anyone, just drop me a line or PM me on Facebook. I can do any occasion to your specifications.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Today I'd like to share with everyone this special order 'Graduation Album'. The customer wanted Purple/Black colors... and it's for a young lady, so I wanted to make sure it was a graduation album but wanted it to be 'feminine' as well.

Graduation Album for a special order

This is the cover of the album. Obviously it's for a young lady that graduated this year 2015, and her school colors are Purple and Black. I used lots of purple ribbons in a variety of shades. I also used some of the pattern papers to make the dimensional flowers on the cover. A pearl serves as the centers. I made a paper doily and folded it over to form a pocket to hold 3 sweet tags. The doily is held down to the pattern paper using several small star brads, which also adds more dimension to the cover. A ribbon completes it. The flowers have some curly wires and golden leaves to complete them. A large Class of 2015 shows the theme clearly. 

The spine. The owl always denotes 'smart and wise', so how appropriate to add one to the mix. This owl is fairly large and has some bling going on  as well. He is held in place with several ribbons tied up in pretty bows.
This is one very full album! I wanted to make sure there was more than enough space for pictures and journaling of this important event. A pretty patterned purple ribbon ties it up and keeps it together.
These are the tags from the doily pocket on the front cover.
Inside the front cover and page 1.
The inside front cover has a pretty lacey punched pocket that also has a polka dot paper bow. There is a nice sized tag/mat inside that pocket with a ribbon pull.
Page 1 shows books, books and more books. On the front is the cape and gown of course and they are very dimensional! I have them popped up for added interest.
Open that first flap with the cap and gown and it exposes 3 tags/mats in the pocket.
One is nice and large the other two are a bit smaller, but are quite useable. The front of the smaller ones, look like 'books'.
Fold down the upper flap to show yet more tags/mats! This is a very inter-active page for sure!
Open the next flap and it shows the belly band that holds 2 larger mats/tags. Lots of space for pictures and journaling on this page alone.
The tags/mats from the belly band.
Of course, there is a huge mat/tag in the top pull pocket of each page! I punched the pulls and matted the patterned paper with black cardstock, then I used Crystal Glaze to put 'dots' all around the scallops. It dries clear and gives a lot of dimension. Each page has a large mat/tag that is housed in the top pocket.
Pages 2 & 3. Fun, fun, fun!
Page 2 has 2 flip pockets that are held closed with a pretty black frilly ribbon. There is a booklet snugged in under those flip mats..
Here is the booklet from under those flip mats.
The inside of the booklet. Pictures or journaling would be perfect here.
Page 3. This is one of my favorite pages! I used some golden papers with the 2015 date and again, this a very inter-active page. On the top flip pocket is a large golden charm of a cherub on a heart. I put a black ribbon on the top tied in a small bow. The bottom has a side pocket with 2 versed tags that also have black ribbon pulls.
These are the tags from the bottom side pocket. Quite appropriate sayings for a newly graduated young lady.
Pull down the lower flap and there are more tags! The pulls are sheer purple ribbons. Another 'saying' in the bottom right corner. Once the flap is opened, it exposes the pattern paper with silhouettes of happy graduates throwing their caps to the sky in celebration of the happy day!
Open the top flap and it also has hiding another verse pocket with 2 more tags/mats. Don't you just love inter-active pages!
Of course, there is the top pull large tag/mat! As mentioned, all pages have one.
Pages 4 & 5.
Page 4 has a belly band and a bottom pocket. The belly band is set off with a golden heart charm. The bottom pocket also has a golden heart charm. Inside the band and pocket is a large booklet.
A verse on the front of the booklet.
Open the booklet and YES there is another pocket with another versed tag/mat and another booklet for pictures and or journaling!
These are the gems inside the booklet pocket.
The inside back cover of the booklet.....another verse.
Page 5. Why YES, that is a waterfall! I LOVE waterfalls and try to make sure to include at least one in all my albums. They are pretty to see and hold so much! This one will hold 11 4x6 photos! Untie that sheer purple ribbon and the photo mats will flip with ease to allow photos to be place on the front and backs of the mats.
There is the huge top pull mat for this page.
Pages 6 & 7.
Absolutely! Another waterfall!!! Folks, remember, this is a graduation album for a high school young lady.... can you imagine how many pictures of this even there will be!! This waterfall will also accommodate 11 4x6 photos!
Ok, please note page 7. There is a lot going on within that page. There is an owl that holds the bottom flap closed..... once opened:
The bottom flap pulls out to show a tri-fold page. Lots of photo and journaling opportunities there! Also once opened, there is a good sized mat/tag inside that flap.
Here are all the tags/mats within that page. There is pockets above that tri-fold flap.
There also is the large top pull tag/mat.
Everything back in place. How cool is that!
Pages 8 & 9.
Page 8 is a large envelope that holds a large mat/tag. How cool would it be to write a letter to the graduate and put it safely and securely in the envelope. A nice black ribbon on the top and a magnetic closure with a jewel keeps the envelope closed. A pretty jeweled heart is hanging on the black bottom ribbon.
A close up of the heart ribbon charm
Inside the envelope is the large mat/tag.
Page 9. There are 2 pockets on this page, one holds a large booklet and the other one holds 2 mats/tags. The pocket is adorned with 3 star buttons that have been accented with Crystal Glaze and black embroidery thread.
The goodies from the pockets. The versed booklet and 3 tags/mats.
Inside the booklet.
Close up of the embellished buttons.
Everything back in place and the huge top pull mat/tag exposed.
Pages 10 & 11.
Page 10. A pretty lacey punched bottom pocket embellished with a stack of books. They are pop dotted to add extra dimension. Note the 'turns' that hold the large mat/tag in place.....also a 3 dimensional 'Success' element adds another touch to the page.
The turns were 'turned' and released the large mat/tag. It is also a pocket adorned with a graduation hat complete with the fringe. It has 2 mats/tags also.
The extra tags/mats from the tag pocket.
Page 11. Another inter-active page. On the front, a visible tag with purple pull.
Open the first flap to expose a nice pace to journal or add a photo.
Open the next flap and voila! a belly band and bottom stop hold a nice size tag/mat. In the bottom pocket there is a booklet with a purple ribbon embellishing it.
The additives from the pockets.
Inside the booklet... plenty of space for journaling.
Everything back in place and the large top pull tag/mat pulled to show it.
Page 12 and back inside cover.
Page 12 has a pretty purple doily I made and a pretty flap that is secured with a pretty ribbon. Inside the back cover is yet another  waterfall. There is so much space in this album, it should be illegal! Another solid 11 4x6 photos would fit into that waterfall. It is held closed with a pretty purple sheer ribbon. On the bottom is a cute polka dotted paper bow.
My customer loved this album and that always makes me happy. I appreciated you visiting my blog and checking it out. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask....and if there is anything I can do for you, just drop me a line. I can make any occasion special with a custom album to your specifications.
Thanks for stopping in, and be sure to stop back often, as I will have another album completed very soon and will post pictures.