Friday, September 23, 2016

Design Team Project using BoBunny Wonderfully Wicked Collection
What fun this project was! First of all the collection was a dream to work with, being such a large complete collection with chipboard pieces, stickers and ephemera to boot. I loved the papers, the colors and graphics were fabulous. BoBunny really hit it out of the park with this collection!
I created a mini album with a special box on top and surprises inside the album! Tons of space for all those Halloween photos in this album, and a lot of fun with each turn of the page.
This album is based with black cardstock and papered with the wonderful pattern papers in the collection. On the cover you will see the magnetic flap closure on the right keeping this album securely closed. On the left is the old small narrow wooden flat cigar box that has been altered and is being kept closed via a magnetic band with a cool chipboard piece from the collection.

Open the magnetic band and lift the lid of the box on top of the album and inside you will find it's also papered and inside the lid there is a skull bottom stop that has been matted and hold 2 cool stickers from the collection that have been matted. Inside the box I have created a stationary holding pocket that is also papered and decorated. That pocket holds a sweet surprise...... 12 cut a parts that have been matted and then all held together with a solid belly band.
Very nice size cut a parts! A whole deck of them to use for pictures and/or journaling and they all are held together nicely with the belly band and fit right back inside that cool pocket in the box.
One of the outer spines. A pocket embellished with a chipboard apothecary jar and inside a long matted sticker from the collection that can be a matted tag or used as a bookmark. Cool papers!!!! Cool embellishments!
The other outer spine and it also has a bottom pocket embellished with a large chipboard spider from the collection. Inside the pocket are 2 of the matted cut a parts!
Open that magnetic side closure and on the inside of the cover you will find another pocket that holds 2 more matted cut a parts!
Open the cover and the papers I've used for the inside of the album are awesome!!!!! All the pages have side load large pockets that hold large side load matted tags...perfect for photos and/or journaling. Let's go through these fun fun pages....
Page 1  A double belly band here decorated with a mounted skull and a popped up dimensional chipboard piece. The fly's wings have been embellished with Glossy Accents to give a finer detail. A bottom stop holds a booklet with an apothecary jar on front.
The side pull mat/tag partially pulled and above the mat/tag out to show it completely.
Pages 2 & 3
Page 2 starts out with a side pocket decorated with a full skeleton..3 matted tags reside in that pocket.
 Under the skeleton pocket is a magnetic flap, open the flap to expose the base page and he first of several 'POP UPS'! The skull is actually a popup! When the flap is opened the skull pops right up adding dimension and a surprise. A heavily glittered black and silver skull and a black ribbon adorns the base page. A large matted cut a part is perfect for a good size photo and/or journaling.
Page 3. A large glittery spider web with a large glittered spider adorns this page. Black ricrac runs down the side to give the page a finished look.
2 matted tags are held behind the glittery spider web. Several photos can be held there.
The side load large matted tag partially pulled to show.
Pages 4 & 5.
Page 4. Inter-actives galore on this page. I fussy cut the skeleton wearing the top hat in the fancy frame and placed him on a magnetized flap. Below that is another active flap papered with another piece from the patterned paper..Glossy Accents was used on the bottle to give a 'glass' effect.
Open the bottom flap to find a pop up. The black glittery skull is the pop up on this page. Another fussy cut framed owl that has been matted serves as a pocket to hold 3 matted tags.
Page 5. This page is huge with lots going on. A skeleton graces the coffin paper which creates the matted magnetized flap. A skull on top of the spider web bottom right is actually a small bottom pocket.
Open the flap to reveal the booklet inside the bottom pocket. Note the little black arrow on the bottom's to 'instruct' you to lift the page...........
This page also holds a top load large matted tag.
Lift the flap and beneath it you will find a fussy cut spider web that holds another large matted tag. Glittered spiders reside on the may webs in the patterned paper.
Turn that large flap and still on the same page there is a bottom stop that holds a matted tag. Another small black arrow instructs you to open this flap.....
Opening the flap reveals another popup! A skeleton pops right up. Under that dimensional popup is a pocket that holds 3 nice size matted tags. Look at all the cool spider webs in this patterned paper....a dimensional spider lives on one of the webs.
The good sized matted tags from the pocket.
Still on page 5, there is a side pocket papered with coffin papers and a skeleton hanging out in one. Behind the pocket are 2 booklets with plenty of space for lots more.
The large side load matted tag shown partially pulled.
The roomy booklets from the pocket. One of the booklets has a bottom stop that holds 2 matted small tags.
Pages 6 & 7.
Page 6. Love this paper! All the papers in this collection are so cool.... this page has a large side pocket with a black ribbon for accent. One of the chipboard pieces from the collection is used to embellish the pocket. The apothecary jar is glittered and sparkly with a jewel in the it!!! Inside the pocket are 2 very cool matted tags. To the right is a magnetized flap that helps to hold the tags in place.
Tags from the pocket.
Page 7. This page was created using a large piece of the ephemera from the collection. Inside the pocket are 2 matted tags and 2 admission tickets.
The large side load matted tag partially exposed to show.
The goodies in the pocket.
Pages 8 & 9.
Page 8. This page is decorated with a simple black ribbon and a sparkly glittered black bat. A bottom pocket is punched with decorative corners. Inside the pocket is a booklet with a chipboard witch on the front.
The booklet from the pocket.
Lift the flap on the page to find more fun! A man in the moon popup greets you! Under the top flap is a bottom side pocket that holds 2 matted tags. The bottom base page has a bottom pocket that is decorated with a crescent man in the moon. Inside the pocket is another booklet.
Page 9. This page has a large glittery spider that is also a holder for 2 matted tags. A magnetic closure is adorned with a Spider Venom matted tag.....
A huge side load matted tag is partially pulled to show.
Open the magnetic flap and open the hidden page and inside there is another popup! The cool orange owl is on top of a hidden pocket which holds 2 matted tags. On the opposite page is a bottom side pocket decorated with a matted tag and a pumpkin offset. Inside the pocket are 2 cool matted tags. I just love all the POPUPS in this album!!
All the goodies from the pockets
Pages 10 & 11
Page 10, The magnetic closure open and the page getting ready to be turned.....
Page turned and another very cool popup!!! The winking owl stands guard over the 2 matted large tags. The background papers are very cool.............bookshelves with rats sitting here and there...sooooo Halloween!
The large matted tags from the pocket.
Page 11. This page is a gatefold page and is held closed with a key that slips behind the beaker. I have Glossy Accented the bottle to emulate a glass effect.
Open the doors and SURPRISE! 2 popups one on each page. Love it!!! 2 cats and the words wicked and spooky help to convey the message and add to the popup effect. A gorgeous chipboard owl that is glittered and has red jewels for eyes from the collection is mounted on the bottom of the base page and used as a holder.  matted tags are kept snug behind the owl. On the larger flap there is a bottom stop created using the word October and 2 matted stickers from the collection are held there. Love this page!
The tags out of their holders and a look at the page.
The large side load matted tag partially exposed to show.
Page 12 and the inside of the back cover.
My favorite technique of all graces the last page...a waterfall. So much space in such a limited area....perfect! This waterfall is held closed with a magnetic band.. each page of the waterfall is embellished with papers used throughout the album.
Page 12 and the inside of the cover. Love the papers in this collection!
Materials List
BoBunny Wonderfully Wicked Collection: 12x12 pad, 6x6 pad, chipboard pieces, sticker sheet, cut a parts and ephemera pack * Old wooden Cigar Box * Glitter Glue * ScorTape * Black cardstock * black ribbon from stash * Ephemera from stash * Medium weight chipboard
 I hope you enjoyed this creation, because I truly loved creating it! It's easy to create fun pieces when you have a great collection to work with. I can't say enough good things about this collection, it is truly a pleasure to work with. I hope you check out my walkthrough video on youtube where you can find the link below. A link to this fabulous collection will also be linked below. I hope you come back often as I will have more projects posted soon. I hope you subscribe to my youtube as I will also be posting more there.