Saturday, December 26, 2015

Home Sweet Home Recipe Album
How cool this album turned out!!! Although it was a bit time consuming, it was worth it in the end. This album I used a tutorial by Xanerro1, but changed up the decorating and embellishing a bit. I did a lot of fussy cutting (a lot!) which Anne also loves to do, so it will take a considerable amount of time. The good thing though, this Graphic 45 collection Home Sweet Home is full of fussy cutting opportunities!!! I will post a link at the end to a source to get this collection at the best price available.  This album is a wonderful useable album, and will stand freely to hold your recipes that allows them to be read easily. There are also plenty of places to add photos of finished recipes or to add recipes clipped from magazines or hand written family ones. I made this album for my mother in law for Christmas and she feel in love with it and plans to add many family recipes immediately. She wants to leave it on a stand in the kitchen so she can see it daily. (Does my heart good). I have photos here, but didn't have a chance to do a video...however..she is going to let me borrow it for a little while to do a video to show this awesome creation and just how much space is in will not believe it and pictures just don't show that. So, please check back soon to get the youtube video link.

Some details about this album. The album is overall 9 1/2 X 6 3/4, with a 1 1/2" spine. I have wrapped the album in black cardstock and then the fun decorating began. I added a pocket on the bottom of the front cover and added some mats/tags that can be used to jot some recipes on the backs. I fussy cut the vintage lady, flowers, the statement card she is holding and the 'Home Sweet Home' sentiment I pop dotted at the top for some dimension. The peas, carrots and tomato packets have been matted on to the pocket. The mats/tags are being held securely in the pocket. There is ample space to add several more.
A close up of the mats/tags from the pocket. There are many many of these to cut a part in this collection.
Album open to show the inside. On the inside front cover you will find a clip that is permanently attached and it holds a sweet vintage matted sentiment tag, perfect to add a photo or recipe on the back. Perfect also to hold a recipe you have and are working on. There is a pocket at the bottom which holds several recipe cards. These are ready for your handwritten special recipes and will be kept safely and securely in the pocket to access easily. The inside of the back cover is incredible!!! I will do my best to describe this section, as it's just amazing to me and I hope to you as well. Although this appears to be a basic waterfall design, oh my friends, there's nothing 'basic' about it! Notice there are tabs ready to be written on on each section, well, lift the bottom flap and pull it out and this entire waterfall expands to about 3 1/2 FEET!!!!!! AND... it's embellished and tabbed on both fronts and backs!!!! Honestly, a video is needed to do it justice, so I promise to do one very soon!
For now, I will post some pics of the 'pages'.
The recipe cards I added to the inside cover pocket.
   A closer look at the incredible expanding pages.
 This is the first page of many. I fussy cut the grandma scene, the frame and the Happiness is Homemade which I popped up for dimension. I also added a cardstock small tag from the collection to the lower part of the page. As you can see, each page will stand up on it's on to allow for reading a recipe clearly and easily.
When I tell you this opens up to over 3 1/2 feet, I'm not kidding!!!
CORRECTION: Actually I measured it today pulled out and it is 6 feet!!!!! Incredible!!!!! With both sides embellished, that's a total of 12 feet of space for recipes!!!! WOWZA!!!!The backside is also just as embellished as the fronts..........amazing, just amazing. hehehe I'm sorry, but heck, I'm impressed.  :-)
The waterfall folded down to expose the inside of the back cover, which also has an expanded pocket with an 1/8" gusset to hold many many recipe cards or recipes that have been clipped out. I included some large sentiment recipe cards with so much room left. Each and every page is magnetized to hold everything closed. I'm so in love with this album, and so happy it was a much loved gift for a special lady.
A few more pictures of pages....... I just can't wait to do a video for you all. Each page has been embellished and has inter-actives. Each page has place for recipes to be added. Each page screams for recipes.
Just a few more pages to share............there's soooooo many though, with tons of fussy cutting!
Love love love this collection: Graphic 45 Home Sweet Home!!!
Thanks for stopping in to check out my blog, I honestly appreciate it. Please stop in again soon when you have a moment as I will be posting more projects and creations and links to youtube videos.
To get this Graphic 45 collection Home Sweet Home at the absolute best price anywhere with super fast shipping:
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Here is the youtube link to see this album in a walkthrough and to show you the extent of how spacious it is....amazing!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Design Team Project (Baby Boy/Baby Girl Albums)
What perfect timing! I had a custom order for baby albums (for twins... a boy and a girl), and I had Echo Park's Bundle of Joy collections both boy and girl from so I decided to use those beautiful collections for my design team project while filling this order! PERFECT! These collections were so easy to work with having everything you could possibly need to create a wonderful keepsake for a sweet 'bundle of joy'.
Both album covers
This baby blue album is of course for the little boy 'Sullivan'. The customer asked that both the "sir" name and first names be on the covers, so this is how I created his. The last name I applied to a metal embellishment that is adorned with a simple white ribbon and golden stars. Sullivan's first name was double matted with a coordinating golden star attached. Sheer blue ribbon runs along the side decorated with handmade flowers from the paper collection scraps. Green ribbon serves as the leaves for the flowers and brads work as the centers.
The side spine
The right side spine. This album features a magnetic side closure.
The album opened
Pages 1 & 2
Page 1. This page has a large bottom pocket embellished with a simple white ribbon and Sweet Boy on the bottom. Across the top is a banner. Inside this pocket are 12 long tags that would be perfect to journal all the pertinent information that pertains to that specific time frame in baby's life. They are kept safe and snug in the roomy pocket.
The large roomy month tags
Page 2. I love this interactive page. Across the top is a fun BABY banner. Below is a cool photo/memorabilia holder that has a gusset to provide plenty of space. It has a magnetic snap closure to keep all the mats/tags securely in place. Ribbon and 'boy' finish the holder.
All pages have a large top pull mat/tag with a ribbon loop pull.
Lift the magnetic flap and open the holder and it has 3 sweet mat/tags.
The mat/tags from the holder
Pages 3 & 4
Page 3. I created an envelope that is embellished with a sweet matted sentiment and a handmade flower.
Open the tucked in flap (easy open & close) and you will find a matted card which also has a sentiment stop and a sentiment mat/tag with a ribbon pull. This would make a perfect place to write a heartfelt note to the baby and keep it safe and secure in the envelope out of plain sight.
Page 4 showing the giant mat/tag partially exposed. This page has a large side pocket that can hold all kinds of cards, tags or memorabilia.
The booklet from the side pocket also has a pocket inside that holds a matted 'Baby stats' mat. Perfect to record all the baby's birth information. The other page of the booklet has a bottom stop which holds another mat/tag.
Pages 5 & 6.
Page 5 coordinates with page 6 as they both have bottom corner pockets that match. White simple ribbon decorates the base page. I embellished the pocket with handmade flowers using the paper collection scraps from throughout the album and green ribbon as the leaves. A 4x6 matted sentiment tag fits nicely in the pocket.
The 4x6 matted tag
Page 6. This is the coordinating page for page 5. Coordinating white ribbon runs across the top of the base page (just like page 5), and a matted 'oh baby' sentiment is popped up on the top. There is a blue & white stripped flower I had in my stash. I added white ribbon behind it for interest. Inside is a 4x6 matted sentiment tag perfect for a photo.
The giant top pull mat/tag partially pulled.
The 4x6 matted sentiment tag
Pages 7 & 8
Page 7 features a gatefold page. I used a metal fastener to keep it closed.
Open the latch and open the gate flaps and underneath there is a pocket which holds a nice big surprise.
Inside that roomy pocket is a nice size mat/tag with space on the bottom to make a note about the photo.
Page 8 I made a vertical bellyband with a bottom corner stop. A cute little owl and ribbon along with a strip of patterned paper decorates the band.

The large mat/tag pulled part way
The booklet from behind the bellyband...roomy 4x6 photo holder
Inside the booklet
pages 9 & 10
A vertical bellyband adorned with a double matted cute little blue barn and the word 'precious'. The booklet from behind the band.
Inside that booklet is a small matted sentiment band that holds 2 smaller tags. More space to record notes and hold photos.
Page 10. This page is also very interactive! The yellow stars with the gold polka dot ribbon flap is actually a trifold. A matted 'it's a boy' sentiment adds to the front of it.
Open the flap and you will find a bottom stop that holds a large mat/tag with a ribbon pull. There is a large area to hold either journaling or a photo on the other side.
Pull the flap open all the way and flip it over and there is another photo place. The other page (under the flap) is a bottom narrow stop that holds another booklet. Perfect area for 4x6 photos.
The  huge top pull mat/tag partially pulled
Pages 11 & 12
Page 11 has a horizontal bellyband and a cute bottom stop. The band is decorated with a dark blue polka dot ribbon and a matted sentiment showing 'Our Little Man'. The bottom stop also has a cute little color coordinated bird.
The large mat/tag from the band
Page 11 features 2 slit pockets. Sweet handmade flowers embellish the smaller pocket and a simple white ribbon adorns both.
The giant top pull mat/tag exposed
The goodies from inside those pockets. A booklet in the large one and a mat/tag from the smaller one.
More space inside the booklet to house photos and/or journaling.
Page 12. My favorite technique..... a waterfall. This waterfall will hold 11 4x6 photos. A sweet little train runs along the bottom of the page and a few stars are sprinkled above.
The inside back page. A bottom corner pocket folded over and held in place with a polka dot brad. A large mat/tag with a ribbon pull inside the pocket. Sweet Baby Boy matted embellishes the base page.
The inside back flap with a matted 'blessing' sentiment.
The cover for the baby girl album. I used the Echo Park Bundle of Joy collection for this album also, but in the baby girl. The papers are so feminine and pretty and the collection is so complete with cut a parts and stickers it had everything  needed to make this album. I used a white washed photo frame that I popped on the cover and added a delicate sparkly butterfly with metal antenna and body. Pink satin ribbon is on the magnetic flap that keeps the album closed securely. I have added handmade flowers that I constructed from scraps of the paper collection throughout the album. Green ribbon was use for the 'leaves'. I double matted the baby's first name 'Sloan' and put it on the cover as the customer asked. Such a beautiful collection.
The right spine and back cover
The right spine. As instructed by the customer, I included the baby's sir name. I double matted it and created a pocket to keep it in.
The album completely open
The inside cover and page 1
The inside cover, I used those month stickers from the collection to create the 12 month set of journaling tags that reside nicely in the large roomy pocket. The perfect places to record those milestones each month and have them handy but secure.
The month by month journaling tags...quite large to hold a lot of info. A set of 12 (1 - 12 months)
Page 1. Such a girly page. I have added a cute baby banner to the base page and below I created a holder with a gusset so it would accommodate photos, journaling and momentos. Untie the pretty sheer ribbon to access it. I put the baby's first name 'Sloan' on the front along with a pretty little polka dot flower.
All pages have a giant top pull mat/tag with ribbon loop pulls.
Open the folder and you can write baby stats or perhaps list the contents of the holder. With the roomy gusset, you can store a lot of stuff in it.
Pages 2 & 3
Page 2. This page holds a handmade envelope and card. A matted sentiment with a sweet little heart serves as the closure for the envelope. Just slide the flap behind it and it's nice and secure. The envelope is embellished with flowers I had and a handmade one from the scraps from the collection.
The envelope open and the card inside. What a perfect place to write a heartfelt note to Sloan perhaps how the mother felt upon holding her for the first time. Tuck it back in to the envelope and it's out of sight and safely kept for her.
Page 3 with the large top pull mat/tag partially pulled. This page has a magnetic flap that covers a bottom pocket.
Lift the flap and the large bottom pocket is accessible. The pocket is embellished with a cute matted elephant and a pretty pink ribbon.
The booklet from the pocket provides additional photo places.
The inside of the booklet will hold 4x6 photos easily
Pages 4 & 5
Page 4 and 5 coordinate and mirror each other with bottom corner pockets. Adorned with cute pink embellishments the pockets also have pink floral lace across the top. The pocket holds a booklet to add even more photos.
Page 5 mirrors page 4 including a heart papered booklet.
Pages 6 & 7
Page 6 has a vertical bellyband that is decorated with lacey ribbon and a double matted sentiment.
The large mat/tag held under the bellyband. Journaling can be written on the front and a 4x6 photo on the back.

Page 7 shown with huge mat/tag partially pulled. This page has a magnetic flap with 'Welcome Baby Girl' and a pink ribbon. This flap covers a bottom corner pocket and keeps it's contents secure and in place.
Lifting the magnetic flap and the pocket holds 2 mat/tags. The mat/tags pulled and shown
Pages 8 & 9
Page 8 is interactive and holds some fun elements. Baby Stats is matted and very useable on the front flap. Here pertinent info about the baby can be recorded. It also is part of a pocket which holds 2 sweet mats/tags.
Open the flap and there is space to place a photo. A cute little lamb graces the bottom. On the base page under the flap there is another pocket created from 3 tags I cut. A pretty handmade flower with green ribbon leaves finishes it.

The mats/tags from the pockets and a close up of the stats mat on the pocket.
Page 9 is also interactive. There is a pull down folder with a pink ribbon pull that can be used to hold several photos. The folder is magnetic so the items inside will stay securely in place. The bottom of the page is adorned with a flower trim and a pink flower I had in my stash.
The large top pull mat/tag pulled to expose
Pull the flap down and there is another pocket and mat/tag. I love including as much real estate a possible in my albums. I create as I go along, so no two albums are ever the same. Ahhhhh....creativity, I love it!
Pages 10 & 11
Page 10 has a double pocket. The base has a pretty pink ribbon as does the top pocket.
The mats/tags from the double pockets.
Page 11 has a pretty lacey side pocket. It is embellished with flowers I had in my stash and added green ribbon for leaves.
The booklet from that lacey pocket. More photo spaces.
Inside the booklet
Page 12 and the inside back cover.
Page 12 is my favorite waterfall. This is probably the one element I try to incorporate in most all my mini albums. It holds so much in a small space. This waterfall will hold eleven 4x6 photos. Untie the pretty ribbon bow and flip the waterfall pages.

The inside back cover has a pocket and holds a nice size mat/tag. I like to leave a space at the bottom so a note can be added about the photo.
The inside of the 2 side flaps.
I really enjoyed creating these two albums using the Echo Park Bundle of Joy collections for a boy and a girl. Definitely easy peasy with everything needed in the collection. ScorTape was also used and can be purchased along with the collections. A link to Country Craft Creations to follow, and shipping is the fastest you will ever find. I have also included a link to the youtube walk through of the albums if you have some time to check them out.
Country Craft Creations web store link:
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