Monday, June 6, 2016

Design Team creation using Authentique Studious Collection

One of my June DT projects for was a pleasure to create. Since the collection is 'vintage' I wanted to stay with that theme for the cover as well. I found the antique slate at an antique shop this weekend and was so excited to use it on this mini album...........perfect! I wrote the words CAT & DOG using a chalk pen on black cardstock and then matted it with the same papers that the album is based in. I added the sliced antique wooden block with the #2 (which denotes the 2 words cat & dog) and the alphabet strip from the collection. The closure I decided on, was a leather belt that I 'found' in my husbands closet and sanded off the shiny finish to give it an old appearance. Way back carried their books and slates to and from school using a leather belt or strap. 

The inside cover and page 1.

The inside cover starts this album off with inter-actives. I love the star pattern paper from the collection and thought the black and grey stripe went great with it. A bottom flap held closed with the striped magnetic strap makes for a perfect place to house several photos and or journaling. Yellow seam binding picks up the yellows in the pattern paper. Matted numbers and a sticker from the collection embellishes the page.

Lift the magnetic strap and open the flap to expose a bottom corner pocket. Inside that pocket is a large matted tag with a scalloped pull. Lots of photos could be placed in that roomy pocket and the flap with the magnetic strap would keep them all safe and secure.

Page 1. This page is so inter-active it should be against the law!! It is a fully loaded page to say the least. Number/alphabet pattern paper from the collection is the base for this page and yellow seam binding picks up the yellows in the paper. 
The giant top load mat/tag is partially pulled to show. All pages have one of these to offer. On the front of this page you will find a side waterfall ... on the top piece there is a bottom corner pocket that has been rounded for interest. 

Inside that cute rounded pocket there is a tri-fold booklet. A magnetic fold over closure with a matted sentiment sticker decorates the closure. Awesome cut a parts in this collection decorates the tri-fold on both sides. Space below the vintage pics has been provided for journaling.
Turn the first flap, and the next part to the waterfall has a bottom stop which holds 2 matted cut a parts. The word 'studious' is explained in the sentiment sticker on the bottom stop. I left the backs for the waterfall pages simply papered so photos could be added freely. 

A better look a the page and the 2 matted vintage cut a parts.
Flip the next flap and there is another bottom corner pocket adorned with very very old antique blocks that have been sliced. The pocket holds goodies also.

Inside that bottom pocket are 2 pieces, one is a matted cut a part with a journaling space and the other is a booklet. Lots of space for photos and journaling.
Turn the next flap and you will find a double belly band that is decorated with an adorable matted sticker from the collection. There is also a matted bottom stop to help hold the large matted tag in place securely. 

Still on page one, this is the base for the waterfall and I also have the large top load mat/tag partially pulled to show. Under that double belly band there is a large matted tag with a scalloped top pull. There is also a cool tri-fold that is folded over the belly band and held in place with the magnetic fold over. Such a fun page!
Lots on page 1.  :-)  

Pages 2 & 3.

Page 2. Lots of hand prints make up this pattern paper which is part of the collection. This page also has a side waterfall. The top flap has a rounded bottom corner pocket. Yellow seam binding compliments the page. A side stop with a sentiment helps to keep the cool booklet securely in place.

The booklet from that first pocket is also inter-active and holds another mat/tag. Photo places galore!

Flip the flap and there is another bottom pocket that holds another mat/tag.

Flip the flap and there is a bottom stop that has a nice size mat/tag.

Flip the flap again, and there is a double belly band that is adorned with a cool punch out cardstock sticker. A side stop aids holding the booklet in place.

Page 3. I have pulled the top load giant mat/tag partially to show. This page has a magnetic top piece that holds all the flaps down.

Removing the magnetic piece (which can also be used for a mat/tag) and the 4 flaps can be opened.
There is a bottom corner pocket under all those flaps which holds the 2 mat/tags as shown. So much space here!

Pages 4 & 5.

Page 4. This page has a dual use. There is a large side bottom pocket which is also the base for the waterfall. A cool waterfall using some of the cut a parts has been created on top of the pocket. A magnetic strap keeps the waterfall closed. Matted small cut a parts adorn the strap. Inside of the pocket there is a cool booklet with a pocket on the front which holds another matted cut a part. On the inside is a matted cardstock sentiment that is also a stop and holds a mat/tag. Sheer blue ribbon embellishes the page and booklet.

Page 5. Another inter-active page. I love making each page different and a surprise. You never know what the next page will bring until you turn the page! This page is decorated with some more of the fabulous antique sliced wooden blocks with A B C. Love using them when I can. The large top load mat/tag partially pulled to show. Red seam binding sets off the bottom pocket along with a matted cut a part that was pop dotted for dimension. 

Lift the smaller top flap for photo placement, then lift the large flap to expose a large pocket. Inside that pocket is a large booklet. Lots and lots of photo space. 

Pages 6 & 7.

Page 6. This page has 2 long side pockets. Those pockets hold 3 good size mats/tags. Many more can be held in those pockets. 

Page 7. Fun, fun, fun on this page! Loving those stars! This page ha a small waterfall and is embellished with black seam binding. I absolutely love the colored seam bindings, they make coordinating them with the colors in the collections so easy. ABC cards are pop dotted for dimension and interest on the bottom of the page.

The giant top load mat/tag partially pulled to show. The cute waterfall flipped to show. 

Pages 8 & 9. 
Page 8. This page is inter-active. Embellished with matted cut a parts and a pop dotted had sticker along with a sentiment sticker make it fun.

A wide belly band along with magnetic flaps keep the large tag that has been punched to look like a torn sheet from a notebook page. Little Book Worm sentiment sticker is matted and added for interest. A bottom stop keeps anything put behind that belly band nice and snug and in place.

Page 9. Love it. On this page I've created a handmade envelope. It is adorned with black seam binding and a cute hand print pull. At the top of the page there is a matted sentiment. It is decorated with ruby colored gems. 
The large top load mat/tag partially pulled to show.

Open the envelope and inside you will find a fold over mat/tag that stays comfortable in the pocket and over the top. Notebook punched edge adds interest. The pocket is decorated with matted cut a parts.

Pages 10 & 11.

Page 10. I took plain chipboard letters and used my acid free colored markers to color them black, then I coated them with Glossy Accents to create that glassy shiny appearance. Matted cardstock stickers finish the page.

Page 11. This page has 2 magnetic flaps that are decorated with numbered cards. The giant top load mat/tag is partially pulled to show.

Open the flap to expose a bottom corner pocket. Inside that pocket are 3 nice size tags and a booklet. So so much photo space!

Page 12 and the inside back cover.

Page 12. This is my all time favorite technique of course, the waterfall. I love putting at least one in every album I create. I think it's just perfect, as it offers so much space for photos and journaling and takes up such a small area.....perfect. I loved this start paper from the collection and decided to recreate one of the stars to put on the magnetic strap closure. I matted it several times to add strength and fastened it to the strap.
A close up of the 'star magnetic closure'. 

Open the magnetic closure and flip through the waterfall pages. I used pattern papers from the collection to create the waterfall. Love waterfalls!

The inside back cover mirrors the inside of the front cover, except, the magnetic flap is on the top. Lift the magnetic strap to expose the bottom corner pocket and large mat/tag. 

The spine is a large 4 1/2".  It is embellished with matted cut a parts in the large and small sizes. A black ribbon sets off the top larger one.

This was such a fun collection to use, with the pages flowing easily together. I hope you enjoyed this mini album, it's a nice size 8 1/4 X 8 1/4 with a 4 1/2" spine. I've loaded this album so it holds a ton of photos and journaling. It is available for purchase and if interested, contact me for details. 

Materials list:
Authentique Studious Collection
Authentique Pattern Cardstock
Glossy Accents
Antique Wooden Blocks
Leather Belt
Antique Slate

This collection is available at 
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