Saturday, July 25, 2015

Family Album (order)

This album is soft and antique-ish (is that even a word), as it will hold several old photos. The coloring on this album is very muted and 'aged' should blend well with the older photos as a lot of the old time pictures were either sepia or black and white. I just think bringing in a lot of color wouldn't seem quite right for a vintage album (of course that's just my opinion). At any rate, I am hoping the recipient loves it as much as I loved creating it for her. I tried to incorporate some older embellishments and stay with the vintage theme.
The coloring on this album is more like 'sepia' tones although the true colors isn't showing very well in these pictures. The base paper on the front cover is a beautiful tree and I really didn't want to cover it totally. The 'ticking' paper on the magnetic flap is true to vintage and displays a lock and key. The 'Our Family Tree' on the lower front is actually a pocket that holds 2 pretty lacey punched mats/tags. There are 2 sweet butterflies that add to the softness.
The spine is adorned with the double matted ticking paper and I've used a pretty beaded cameo with bling. Lacey ribbons finish off the spine.
The album opened shows the inside cover as well as page 1 and the right spine and inside magnetic flap.
The inside cover has a place to record some family history or stories. I didn't want to cover this as I intended it to be used. Page 1 is inter-active with magnetic flaps and pockets. A pretty soft billowy flower atop a lacey ribbon decorates the top flap.
Flip the flap open and there is a bottom side pocket with a mat/tag. It shows the top flap that was under that larger one.
Open that top flap and it too has a bottom corner pocket with a mat/tag. (It's showing up purple, but it's not). Under that flap is the base page with it's bottom frilly pocket which is holding 3 more mats/tags.
Lots of mat/tags on that one page (and they are really not purple).
Everything back in place and the large top pull mat. Every page has a very large top pull mat.
Page 2 & 3. Soft and pretty and lots and lots of photo space
Page 2, this is actually more than just a flap page...once that magnetic lacey flap is opened, there is LOTS of photo and or journaling space.
This pocket actually has a gusset so it will hold several pictures.
Fold down the main portion of the pocket and there are several mats inside.
2 large mats and 2 smaller ones (although they are not really small), will hold nice size photos. Journaling on the back would be perfect.
Page 3, I think is pretty. Soft and vintage. The magnetic flap on top is decorated with lacey ribbon and some metal scissors.
Lift that flap and there are 2 very nice size mats/tags.
Pretty base page under those large mats/tags
Large mats/tags from under the flap. The flap holds them securely in place.
Everything back in place and the giant top pull mat exposed.
Pages 4 & 5. Surprises here
Page 4 has a side top flap and a bottom side pocket which holds 2 sweet mats/tags
Lift the flap and ample space for photos and or journaling
Nice size mats/tags from the lower corner pocket
Page 5. I really like this page. There is a cool old fashioned photo frame that a nice size picture can be slid in from the top. Also, on the side, I have put a surprise.
This is the booklet that slides in the side of the photo frame. More photos and journaling opportunities here.
The decorated booklet
The embellishment on this page is a cute little old fashioned alarm clock.
Slide that booklet right behind the photo perfectly.
Everything back in place and the large top load mat pulled to show
Pages 6 & 7.
Page 6 I used another old fashioned photo frame. I like the vintage advertising on the bottoms of them. A pretty lacey ribbon on this page dresses it up as well as a metal clock with moveable hands. I put more surprises that slide under the side of the frame.
The 2 large mats/tags that live under the frame provide more photo and or journaling space
Page 7 is decorated with pearls and a pretty shimmery butterfly
Flip open that flap and there is a large mat/tag which is lined and perfect for journaling.
Flap opened and large mat removed, and the base page is a wonderful 'Remember When' space to write some of those precious memories. Pearls on the bottom just enough without obstructing the writing area.
Everything back in place and the large top pull tag
Pages 8 & 9
Page 8 has a bottom side pocket with 2 large mats/tags. The page is adorned with lacey ribbon and a vintage butterfly I found in an antique shop.
The nice size mats/tags
A close up of the vintage cool
Page 9, more inter-actives
Open the magnetic side flap and you will find an embossed and inked top flap which holds a pretty large mat
Top flap opened and the pretty ribboned mat is ready to use
It's a nice size mat/tag
Everything back in place and the top pull mat shown
The pretty embellishment on the side flap
Pages 10 & 11
Page 10 has a bottom pocket with old clock faces and moveable hands. Inside that pocket is a large mat/tag with yet another pocket
Here is the large mat/tag from inside the pocket, it also has 2 pockets that hold mats/tags
The 2 mats/tags from the bottom corner pocket
Page 11 is a soft old fashioned butterfly paper, and I made a handmade large envelope and mat inside. A pretty dimensional butterfly is on the envelope
Close up of the butterfly
A lacey ribbon holds the envelope closed, just slide the flap out and inside is the large mat. Great place to write something personal or memorable that you would like to keep 'private'
Everything back together and the top pull large mat out a little
Page 12 is my favorite, waterfall! So much area for the photos in such a small area. The inside back cover also has a very useable paper.
The pretty ribbon tied waterfall
The inside back cover is the 'Our Family Tree', where you can actually write the information in. Perfect to document and keep in is family album.
The inside back cover and inside right spine.
A pocket with a pretty tag
The back of the album also has a paper that can be used to record family info.
and I got a new self inking stamp. I always add my stamp to my creations.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out the newest creation. I hope you will come back soon, as I will have several more creations I will be posting as I finish them and they are received by the ladies that ordered them. I love doing one of a kind creations, and always hope that the recipients love them far, it's been 100% positive. I hope it continues... as I truly love challenging myself and I'm just as excited to get them mailed out to the folks that order them as they are to get them.