Thursday, August 18, 2016

Design Team Project for Country Craft Creations using: PhotoPlay 'Think To Remember'
I am so excited to share with you today, my completed design team creation for Country Craft Creations! I have used the PhotoPlay Collection 'Think To Remember', what a true retro fun collection!! I have made a 'folio' that could be used for either a recipe collection or photos....there is sooooo much space in this folio, and it was fun and easy to create! I would also like to say, I was inspired by a video I saw from Sabrina Radeck that she uploaded in May of 2014. I hope I inspire you to create a folio...... it's quick, easy and fun!
The front cover shows a magnetized flap with a matted sticker I made in to a dimensional embellishment and makes it easier to open and close. There is also a matted sticker that is popped up for interest on the bottom large pocket. The pocket holds 4 mat/tags perfect for recipes and or photos.
The closure opened and the fun embellishments and mats/tags shown out of the pocket.
Opening the trifold folio and you will find 3 full size mats/tags that are magnetized and fit snugly on top of each of the 3 sections.
Each of the 3 sections has a large mat/tag papered on both sides! On the front, there are also 2 matted pockets using some of the super cool cut a parts that each hold a mat/tag with a pretty scalloped pull. Isn't this retro paper fun?! That paper on the mat/tags is a turquoise with bobby, fun, fun!

The other 2 sections with the large mat/tags on top.
Remove the magnetized huge mat/tag to expose the fun sections underneath.

The papers used under those huge mats/tags is a very retro advertising pattern. I love reading those ads!
These are the matted tags you will find in each of the 6 pockets on those huge tag fronts!
The backsides of the huge magnetized mats/tags.
A view of the first huge magnetized mat/tag securely in place on top of the first section.
Each section has top and bottom magnetized flaps! Tons of space in this folio! The first section with it's flaps opened.

Open the other sections and WOW!!!!! Look at what is under all those flaps!!!!!! Each and every section has a 4x6 mat/tag that is magnetized to stay securely in place!!! WOW!!!!!!
The first section with the 4 mat/tags removed to show the awesome cut a parts and how much space there is for recipes and/or photos! LOTS of space in this folio!
A little better look at what's underneath those magnetized mat/tags! Soooo much space for recipes or photos!!!

Base shown after the magnetized mats/tags removed so you can see how much space is available for even more recipes or photos.
Another view of this very cool folio with the middle magnetized mats/tags in place and the side ones moved to show the base. Amazing at the space this folio has to offer!
I hope you enjoyed this project and I have inspired you to create a folio also. They are quick and easy and hold so much! Be sure to check out my youtube video:  to see a walk through of this fun project.
Materials to create this project can be found at: 
Stop in again, as I will be posting other creations soon!
PhotoPlay 'Think To Remember' collection * Basic Grey Magnets * White Cardstock * ScorTape * Glossy Accents * Medium Weight Chipboard

Monday, August 1, 2016

Mother Goose album special order
Today I would like to share with you a special order I just completed for a Mother Goose album. I truly LOVE working with the Mother Goose Graphic 45 collection, it is so colorful and the graphics are amazing! Such an easy collection to work with on so many levels.
I love the graphics in this collection!! I had to use it on the cover. I also fussy cut another mother goose and added some dimension as well as a pocket for a matted tag behind her. I fussy cut the Humpty Dumpty and created a 'pocket' out of him giving the cover more dimension and functionality. I also fussy cut Bo Peep and one of her sheep and popped her up for effect. Black and white plaid ribbon runs across the top of the cover and works out perfectly.

The spine and the back of the cover. I created a bottom pocket and added 4 of the adorable mother goose cut a parts. They are double sided, so I wanted to leave them unmated so they can be used to journal. Some more sweet border pieces were cut to run along the bottom and my 'handmade' symbol resides there as well.
A look at the album opened
Inside cover and page 1. Fun, Fun, Fun!!

The inside of the album is papered in the black polka dot papers. I fussy cut Humpty and created part of the bottom pocket with him finished off with a pretty black ribbon. Inside the pocket resides 2 large mats/tags.
Page 1. A black satiny ribbon runs across the black high belly band, and is the perfect place for a magnetic booklet to 'hang' from. On the bottom right, I have made a pocket from one of the cut a parts and added a pretty matted tag. The black good night is also magnetic and slips nicely into the side of the pocket which helps to hold the tag inside. Small stamps decorate the top and bottom of the page. This is a top load album, so each page holds a very large top load mat/tag. Photos and/or journaling can be placed here.

Lots of space just on the inside cover and 1st page for photos and journaling. Love that!
Pages 2 & 3
Page 2. Something a little different....I like to try to create some element of surprise for each page, that way you never know what to expect when you turn that page.
That is a booklet on the top the cover page and a place to journal about the photo beneath it would be perfect.

Open the magnetic flaps and inside on the base page you will find a large 5X7 frame. Slide a photo in from the side by using the black pull to remove that filler piece. A bit of a geometric page, but I think it adds interest to the album and is a bit different.
Page 3. This page shows the top load mat/tag partially pulled for show. A large bottom pocket is adorned with a pretty matted tag. Inside the bottom pocket is a booklet and large mat/tag.

Inside the booklet you will find yet another mat/tag in the bottom stamp stop.
Pages 4 & 5
Page 4. Busy busy page, full of extras. A wide matted belly band and a bottom stop hold plenty of goodies. A black satin ribbon runs down the left side for interest.
A large booklet with a bellyband across the front holds 2 mats/tags. The other tag is from the adorable Humpty tag holder.
Page 5. This page is one that you must look at closely, as I have taken the bottom portion and fussy cut it so it created a pocket to hold 2 nice size mats/tags. Black and white checked ribbon across the top again works in well with the coloring and pattern on this page.

The large mat/tag partially pulled to show. The 2 large mat/tags pulled from the pocket to show.
Pages 6 & 7
Page 6. This page has a double pocket that holds many of the cut a parts. Handmade flowers made from some of the collection papers with a bit of black ribbon tucked in embellishes the lower pocket.

Page 7. The top load large mat/tag is pulled partially to show. This page has a pretty black satin ribbon down the left side. Humpty was fussy cut and added for dimension. I created a 'pass through' pocket that holds the nice size matted tag, it also adds some interest to the page.
Pages 8 & 9.
Page 8. Another interactive page here. 2 magnetic flaps with pretty handmade flowers hide the page contents.
Lift the flaps and you will find a cool booklet/tag holder embellished with smaller cut a parts.

Inside that booklet is a bellyband that holds yet another mat/tag
Page 9. A long side pocket on this page embellished with matted cut a parts and black ribbon holds a large tag.

Pages 10 & 11.
Page 10. A booklet adorned with black ribbon is tucked nicely between the 2 side pockets. A sweet matted cardstock sticker from the collection embellishes the double pocket. A matted cardstock sticker also adorns the black ribbon at the top of the page.

Page 11. This page has a ton of fussy cutting. A bottom pocket has been embellished with fussy cut flowers and a matted card stock sticker. The pocket holds a large cut a part along with a smaller mat/tag. Ample space in this pocket to hold a ton of photos.
Page 12 and the inside of the back cover.
Page 12 features my all time favorite....waterfall. So much space in such a small area. The magnetic closure is a cool piece that is actually a booklet with another magnetic closure.

The inside of the back cover. This mimics the inside of the front cover. There is a fussy cut Little Boy Blue that completes the bottom pocket. Inside that pocket are 2 large mat/tags. I just love the graphics in this collection.
A nice big black and white polka dot bow ties the album closed.
I hope you all enjoyed this album, it was a true pleasure to create. I hope you stop in again soon, as I will be posting more Design Team Projects as well as custom orders. If you have any questions, feel free to post them, and I will be happy to answer them.