Sunday, February 26, 2017

Design Team Projects using Authentique Dapper Collection
If you have a man, young man or boy in your life you have got to check this collection out. It makes the perfect masculine creation, whether it be an altered piece, a mini album or cards this collection will work wonderfully. The vintage theme with the cool graphics and coloring is a definite plus. I've made 3 creations from this collection with leftovers for another, so it has plenty to offer. I am pleased to share with you my altered box, a mini album and a dresser box. I loved working with this Authentique Dapper Collection and hope you enjoy what I have created.
Aren't the colors and graphics wonderful!
This dresser box (or desk box) would make a perfect gift. This box is totally handmade from Artisan Cardstock in navy blue. It is absolutely strong enough and holds up great without the use of chipboard. I have papered the top and sides with one of the awesome pattern papers from the collection. I fussy cut the gentleman in the red suit and popped him up for dimension and interest. I added some of the stickers from the fabulous sticker sheet. I had the cool red metal clock with the 3D glass face and added it.
I trimmed all the sides with some strips of the navy Artisan Cardstock and added a buckle closure.
Authentique always has some wonderful quotes on top of their papers and I liked this particular one and decided to cut it and mat and incorporate it in to the creation. The pop of red I thought worked well with the navy and splashes of red in the pattern papers.
Open the box and inside I have papered it completely with the pattern papers and in the inside lid, I added a side pocket. I matted one of the cut a parts to embellish the side pocket. This collection has some of the best cut a versatile! Dividers inside the box were perfect to hold large cards, smaller cards with envelopes or post it notes and smaller note cards. The side pocket holds a single fold booklet and a trifold booklet also. I used cut a parts to embellish the booklets.
What a fun fun project and my rendition of the tutorial Tammy Merrill has posted.
The altered wooden box was fun to create. It's a very nice size and holds the mini album tucked safely inside. I thinned some brown acrylic paint and painted/stained the box. I then used the fabulous navy Artisan Cardstock to mat the top, sides, bottom and inside of the box. I then cut 4 corners from the red polka dot sheet of pattern paper and adhered them. I then created a large easel card and permanently attached it to the top of the box. I papered it with some of the great vintage patterned paper and love it! I matted 2 of the cool stickers from the sheet and used one to create a stop. I fussy cut a 'stove' from the pattern paper and matted it creating a tag. I also matted another of the stickers to make a small round tag. I added cream colored seam binding to finish the front of the card.
Open the easel card and I have used some metal gears I had in my stash as the stop to hold it in place.
Open the card and inside there is plenty of space to add some journaling spaces and/or a large photo.
The matted tags from the stop on the cover.
Open the lid of the altered wooden box to expose the inside. The inside of the lid has is papered with the cool red polka dot pattern paper on top of the navy Artisan Cardstock. I created a pocket in the lid that will hold several mats/tags. A matted sticker from the sheet embellishes the pocket perfectly. Inside the box a nice wide ribbon envelops the mini album and aides in lifting it out.
The mats/tags from the pocket. I cut them from the pattern papers in the collection.

The mini album I just love how it turned out! Completely handmade of course, and based with the navy Artisan Cardstock. I then papered the cover with the pattern paper with the stars and added 3 various strips of the navy cardstock for interest. I matted the 'Dapper' stickers for the cover, and some of the cut a parts. The round sticker was matted for the bottom corner to finish the look.
Love the colors and graphics in this collection!
The inside cover and first page.
The inside cover is papered with the cool red polka dot pattern paper and has a pocket embellished with a matted cut a part.
I have matted another of the cut a parts to reside in the pocket. There is plenty of space to hold several more mats/tags in that roomy pocket.
Page 1. Isn't this too cool! The colors and graphics, Authentique outdid themselves with this collection. I LOVE waterfalls and put a small one on this page using some of the fabulous cut a parts.
All of the pages have large side pull mats/tags with pulls.
See how large that side pull mat/tag is?!
The waterfall shown with all the flaps opened. So much space for photos in such a small footprint, one of the reasons I love waterfalls. Once completely opened the base page is exposed and I fussy cut a gentleman and matted him, he then became a photo stop that holds the matted cut a part. The cut a part now is a matted tag with a journaling spot on the bottom.
Under the mat/tag I placed one of the cool stickers from the sheet, love those stickers also!
The gentleman is capable of holding several more mats/tags and photos.
 The next set of pages.
This page is papered in another of the cool pattern papers. There are so many to choose from it's hard to pick just one to use at a time. What I decided to do with this page is mount a large easel card on it. It is kept closed with a moveable key.
Open the easel card and it stands erect with the aide of one of the stickers I matted and used as the stop.
Open the easel card all the way up and there is so much space for photos and/or journaling space.
The next page is again delightful! Old time record player pattern paper is on top of the fabulous navy Artisan Cardstock to create the base. A strip of the navy cardstock runs down the side for interest and as a belly band. A matted cut a part and a sticker that has been matted are the embellishments to complete the page. A bottom pocket is available to hold so many tags and photos. All pages have the huge matted side pull mat/tag.
The very large side pull mat/tag exposed. When inserted back in the pocket, the 'pull' is exposed and also adds interest to each page.
The 2 mat/tags shown that were in the pocket and bellyband.
The bellyband holding just one of the mats/tags.
The next set of pages. I love my pages to have interest and different with every turn of the page.
This page can hold several mats/tags. There are corner pockets on the bottom right and a 'bellyband' holder on the bottom left. A matted cut a part is being held in one of the pockets and I created 2 various size matted tags for the other holders. 2 of the stickers from the sheet are matted and used as embellishments. I created the pockets and bellyband from cut pieces that are matted from the pattern paper. Navy cardstock pulls complete the tags.
The contents of those pockets and bellyband.
This page is based with the awesome pattern paper and a side pocket papered with the red polka dot paper was added. One of the stickers was matted and used as a mat/tag holder. The red large mat/tag pull can be seen on the side and I think adds perfectly to the overall page theme. A matted round sticker from the sheet was used to embellish the side pocket.
All the inserts removed to show the wonderful base page. The vintage advertising on this page is so retro and interesting, I love it!
The inserts from the page consist of a matted cut a part and a pop up surprise. I made this card/booklet and inside after matting it with the cool red polka dot paper, I made the pop up piece to hold one of the matted stickers from the sheet that springs right up upon opening the card. On the bottom I have matted another of the stickers (the arrow) and used it as a stop to hold another of the cool stickers I matted. So so much fun with this collection!
This page could hold even more inserts than those I've included.
Next set of pages. This collection has so much to many possibilities!
This page shows some cool pattern paper with a big 78 RPM record and a masculine to say the least. 2 pieces of black seam binding run down the side with 2 of the stickers matted to form a stop to hold matted tags I created from the awesome pattern paper. Navy pulls on top completes them.
This page is fun. I have matted 2 of the cut a parts and magnetized them to create flaps that will fold closed and hold all the contents in the holder on the base page. The red pull for the large side pull mat/tag is shown and picks up the red in the gentleman's tie.
Open the magnetic flaps and I have fussy cut one of the dapper gentleman from the pattern paper and matted him, this creates a fine mat/tag holder.
The base page shown and will hold a lot of mats/tags! The one I created was cut from pattern paper and matted with a journaling spot at the bottom.
The large side pull mat/tag.
The last page and inside back cover.
This page is papered with a fun pattern. A red strip of seam binding runs across the top and coordinates perfectly. I have matted 2 stickers from the sheet to serve as embellishments and the bottom one is actually a pocket that helps to hold the large booklet.
The booklet is nice size and will hold some good size photos. It was created from cutting a section of the pattern paper and matting it on some nice red cardstock.
The inside back cover mimics the inside front cover. Cool red polka dot pattern paper from the collection really makes it POP! A bottom pocket adorned with a matted cut a part and some cream colored seam binding finishes the look. A matted cut a part resides in the pocket which is capable of holding several more.
The matted tag from the pocket. Love this collection!!
I hope you have enjoyed these creations, as I have had so much fun making them. It's really easy when you have a great collection. Below you will find the materials list for these projects. They can be obtained from   I also have a walkthrough video on youtube:
Please check it out and feel free to subscribe.
Authentique Dapper Collection * Authentique Artisan Cardstock * Colored Seam Binding * Chipboard * ScorTape * Art Glitter Glue * Wooden Box * Brown Acrylic Paint