Friday, October 13, 2017

Design Team Project Authentique Bewitched

Design Team Project using Authentique's Bewitched Collection
This was indeed one of the easiest projects I think I've ever done! Creating this design team project for Country Craft Creations was a sheer pleasure, especially using the fabulous Authentique's Bewitched collection. Love the retro look this collection offers from the awesome graphics on the pattern papers to the very cool retro cut a parts it's an easy to use collection.
I found this wooden upright cigar box at one of the Old Thresher Shows Flea Market and couldn't wait to use it! The box measures 6 7/8" X 4 5/8" so I knew it would work out perfectly for what I had in mind. I based the edges of the box in black and covered the outside of the box with the skeleton patterned paper from the collection. I used the fabulous colored seam binding to tie a bow around the hinged lid hanging skeleton locket from the bow. Dimensional skeleton hands that I also inked adorn the lid but do not hinder the closing. I also inked one of the stickers from the collection with the quote from Vincent Price and adhered it to the front of the box.
Box top embellished with glittered skulls.
Back, right side and left side showing the use of embellishments from the sticker sheet in the collection. I didn't want to add too much as the paper is the focus with all the dancing skeletons.
I added rubberized feet to the bottom of the box (hubs had these in his stash), and I matted one of the stickers from the collection and had to add it to the center..... thought against that solid black cardstock it would surely pop and it does!
Open the box to find it is papered and embellished inside as well.
Another view of the inside that also houses the mini album!
Removing the mini album, you can see the inside is papered in the awesome black and white plaid. I have also used a black crocheted spider web doily in the lid along with 3 glittered skeletons standing at attention and guarding the contents. You can see the skeleton hand on the box leads to the 3D affect.
The album measures 4" X 6 3/4" with a 3 3/4" spine. It fits perfectly inside the box.
The album is papered using the spider web pattern from the collection (love it). I made a magnetic closure that has the glittery spider to keep it closed nicely. A small 'Beware' sticker completes the look.
Spine of the album also has a glittery spider hanging out on the web.
This album is packed with so many inter-actives, a surprise on every page. Plenty of space in this loaded album for tons of photos and journaling.
 The inside cover has a pocket that holds a booklet. It is embellished with a very dimensional skull that worked out super with the collection.

A fun booklet that will hold photos and I've included a journaling spot below each photo area.

Page 1 has a side pocket that holds 2 (and room for many more) cut a parts that would be perfect for photos. Colored seam binding (which is available now so you don't have to dye it anymore) embellishes the pocket along with an arrow sticker and a decorative punch along the top.
Page 2. Inter-active with a flap to open, belly band holding a matted sticker and a bottom stop to hold another cool cut a part.

Page 3. A belly bad that holds another booklet and inside that booklet a stop to hold photos. A bottom stop secures the booklet behind the belly band and assures no slipping out.

Page 4. A magnetic closure keeps the flip up closed and once open a roomy pocket can be found and another retro cut a part. Lots of room in on this page for lots of photos.

Page 5. This page has a magnetic spider piece that once engaged will keep your larger photo securely in place.

Page 6. I made another magnetic spider holder on this page to hold a larger photo in place.

Page 7. A nice size pocket page with a decorative border and a super dimensional lady skeleton embellishment makes that pocket pop! Plenty of space to hold even more of the retro cut a parts.

Page 8. This page has a nice wide side pocket embellished with a bright purple seam binding and a purple matted sticker from the collection. It holds 2 fun cut a parts and room for many more.

Page 9. I wanted to do another of the large bottom pockets embellished as before and using the male skeleton dimensional embellishment. Another cut a part resides in the pocket with plenty of room for many more.

Page 10. Long slender spider web pocket embellished with a POP skeleton head. A cut a part is held nicely here.

Page 11. Mirrors page 10.
Page 12. This page has a matted cut a part that is used as a stop to hold photos slid in from the side. Aren't the colors and graphics awesome!
Page 13. Another matted cut a part used as a photo stop to hold several photos slid in from the side.

 Page 14. I love this one. A nice big roomy side pocket embellished and holding a super cool booklet. Of course the booklet is embellished as well. Love that colored seam binding and using the stickers from the collection to make it really pop. Inside the booklet there are fun things to find and room for photos and journaling.
 Page 16. hehehe I missed one, but will get it on next... this page has a large side pocket adorned with colored seam binding. Such a good element to use and so versatile. 2 more of the retro cut a parts one being made in to a small booklet.

 The missing page. Has a cool flap that hides a bottom stop that holds a retro cut a part.
 The inside of the back cover. There is a belly band above that holds a sweet book mark and below and roomy pocket that holds another booklet. Plenty of space for many many photos and journaling.
I truly enjoyed creating this project. It was an easy one to do with this fabulous collection.
Wooden upright cigar box * Authentique Bewitched Collection * Authentique Black Cardstock * Dimensional Embellishments from my stash * Art Glitter Glue * Score Tape * Prima Black Ink * Colored Seam Binding * Black rubber feet