Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Design Team Project: Waterfall Explosion Box
I created this design team project for Country Craft Creations using Photo Play's We Do Collection. It's a fabulous wedding collection, so easy to use and will work well with any accent color you may want to use. Base colors in this collection are perfect and the graphics flow nicely together. I've created a waterfall explosion box that houses a pretty surprise inside.

The view of the explosion box from all 4 sides. I've used the pattern papers from the collection for the inside as well as the outside. A gorgeous black leather flower and leaves I had in my stash from a pretty purse I had is used for the main embellishment on top of the lid. I also used delicate white/gold lace to encircle the lid. Some of the stickers from the collection were matted and pop dotted on the lid for additional adornments. The sides all have stickers that have been matted and pop dotted for interest. The pretty pattern paper finishes the look.
Remove the lid and let the sides fall open to reveal a sweet golden heart box ready to hold a special gift.
The pretty heart box is decorated with pretty coordinating pattern papers and a matted sticker from the collection pop dotted on the lid. Inside, the golden box is papered and accented with golden stickles. Perfect place to add a sweet gift.
Inside the heart box lid is also decorated with the pretty coordinating pattern paper.
The first waterfall in this 'waterfall box' is a swing out waterfall! The side magnetic closure keeps it all in place until it's opened. Cut a parts from the collection make for the perfect pages.
Open the magnetic tab and swing out those cool pages! Add photos and or journaling to complete this sweet waterfall!
Next flap of the box, holds the next waterfall. This is a typical flip up waterfall again, using the very cool cut a parts from the collection. A magnetic closure decorated with one of the stickers works effortlessly to hold it all in place.

Inside this waterfall there are bottom stops created from some of the cut a parts. They will hold (as shown with the black mat) more photos and or journaling.
The next waterfall is another cool swing out. The sweet magnetic closure is created using one of the ephemera pieces in the collection.
Swing out those pages to show how fun and easy they rotate!
More picture places and journaling spots.
Last one on the flap is a standard flip waterfall with a cool magnetic closure. One of the fun stickers from the collection embellishes this closure.

More photo stops in this waterfall to hold even more photos. So much space in this box!
What a fun project that would make an excellent gift as well. Below find the materials list and links to the youtube walkthrough as well as Country Craft Creations to obtain this beautiful collection!
Photo Play We Do Collection * Photo Play We Do Ephemera Collection * Photo Play We Do Sticker Sheet * Gold Shimmery Cardstock * Art Glitter Glue * Lacey Gold Ribbon * Leather Flower & Petals * Pop Dots

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Design Team Project using Authentique's Pastime Collection
This design team project for Country Craft Creations was so much fun to create! I used the awesome Authentique Pastime Collection, which is perfect for any and every trip possible. Vintage/retro just flows easily together. I have created my version of a Waterfall Folio. I love the waterfall technique as it takes up such a small footprint but offers soooooo much space for photos and journaling. Perfect!! I used different waterfall techniques for this folio to show how versatile that technique can be.
This is the front cover for the tri-fold folio. I fussy cut and over layed the ferris wheel portion of the pattern paper to create a pocket to hold some of the many very cool cut a parts that have become photo mats and/or journaling spots. Some of the stickers from the collection I used I matted them and pop dotted the arrow to add dimension and the bottom one to add interest.
The matted cut a parts from the ferris wheel pocket.
The backside of the folio. I used one of the stickers from the collection that I matted and applied to the back along with some of the small cut a parts to add interest and decorate the back cover. Love this collection!
Opening the front flap exposes the 3rd flap in the folio. Again, matted some of the travel stickers to adorn that page.
The folio fully opened shows all the fun waterfalls! So much space for tons of photos and/or journaling. Fun, fun, fun!
The inside front flap. This has a 'regular' waterfall on top embellished with a pretty black ribbon. The matted tag slides easily in the vintage camper pocket and keeps the flip up waterfall closed.
Flip the waterfall up to show more photo spaces and super cool patterned papers used.
Under the waterfall more space to add a nice size photo. The camper pocket is roomy enough to add many more photos.
The center of the folio...... why YES that IS a waterfall!! This one however isn't the norm.........this one is different as it 'swings out' instead of 'flipping up'.
How fun is that!!!!! Lots of space in this waterfall and something a bit different! Swing out each piece that I created using the retro cut a parts that I matted, love love love it!
A view of the first two mats swung out.
Inside the 3rd part of the folio you will find another waterfall and other surprises.
Open the decorative small magnetic flap to open the side waterfall. It's kinda' like a booklet too....but I chose to include it in this waterfall folio, as I thought it fit just perfect. 8 pages in this piece with lots of fun patterns and photo places.
Another look at some of the pages in that sweet waterfall/booklet.
Open the waterfall/booklet all the way to expose another pocket behind the filmstrip roadway. There is also a matted small cut a part in the lower right corner which holds a cute little booklet and small matted tag. So much in this folio!
I love this collection and this waterfall folio! It came together so easily and holds tons! The overall size is:  4 1/4" X 9 1/8" with
1 1/4" spines. I wanted to make sure there was ample space for many many photos.
Authentique Pastime Collection (12X12 papers, 6X6 pad & Sticker Sheet) * Black Cardstock * Medium Weight Chipboard * Art Glitter Glue * ScoreTape * Black Ribbon *
LINK to youtube walkthrough:
 Link to Country Craft Creations:

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Design Team Project using Photo Play's Halloween with Matilda & Godfrey
What a fun project this was to do!! My design team project for Country Craft Creations using Photo Play's Halloween with Matilda & Godfrey was such an easy to do project. I have created a stand alone altered canvas made in to a shadow box/frame. Fun, fun, fun!
The front cover shows a black glittery dome with a spider in a web to compliment the pattern papers. I also used some dimensional embellishments such as the acrylic skeleton hands that I also inked and one of the stickers from the sticker sheet in the collection which I matted and pop dotted for interest. A sparkly glittery spider finishes the look.
The back of the hinged frame/shadow box. Love that spider web paper, so very cool. I used another pair of skeleton hands that I inked for interest and a witches hat that I cut out of a cut a part and matted.
Since the shadow box/frame is hinged it is free standing without issue, or it can be folded closed and placed on a coffee table.... I like versatile. Inside on the shadow box side there are tons of inter-actives. Plenty of space for pictures and/or journaling. The embellishments really draw the eye and give it some extra 'punch'.
Lots of embellishing!
Lots of inter-actives with room for lots more!!
The frame side. Plenty of space for a nice 5 X 7 photo. Fun embellishments all from the collection except the large clock hands which I had in my stash. The cute pumpkin brad holds them together....such a fun fun project!
Stop by to get this very cool Photo Play Collection: Halloween with Matilda & Godfrey, super fun and so easy to work with.
Photo Play's Halloween with Matilda & Godfrey Collection * Black Cardstock * Orange Ribbons * Prima Black Ink * Halloween with Matilda & Godfrey Ephemera Pack * Art Glitter Glue * Pop Dots * 8 X 10 Canvases * Hinges & Screws * Spider Dome and Black Glitter Spiders

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Design Team Project using Authentique Beginnings Collection
What a fun project this was to do for Country Craft Creations Design Team. I made an album with a stationary momento box on top to hold all those special momentos to keep safe with the album.

The top of the momento box is decorated with dimensional elements and a booklet with a magnetic closure. Pretty yellow ribbons and flowers lend to the delicate baby feel.
The inside of the box is papered in a coordinating pattern and a sweet yellow ribbon bow. I love how Authentique always has a quote at the top of the papers........I like to use it within my project, so inside this box I matted the quote and looped it up in the center adhering the sides down.
Inside the album, each page is different. I like the idea that each turn of the page has something different to offer. Lots of inter-actives make it fun! Lots and lots of photo mats and journaling spaces to include tons of those precious pictures and notes.
More of the inside pages....12 total pages to hold tons. I also used some wooden antique blocks that I had my husband slice off sections from them to use as embellishments. Love the dimensional look and they fit in so well with the theme. Yellow and green ribbons work well with the color palette of the collection.
Now these are some fun fun fun pages!!! Graphics and embellishments all work so well together. A true keepsake was my goal with this project.
The cut a part in this collection are plentiful in all sizes. They work well as booklets, photo mats and journaling ops. Enter all that precious information to keep it safe in this album.
My all time favorite technique is of course the waterfall. I wish I could claim to be the originator, but I am not..... it's been around for a very long time. How cool it has so much space to offer in such a small footprint. I also fussy cut the 'Baby's first year' piece along the top edge to create a pocket to hold several cut a parts and matted stickers.
More fun with wooden block slices and lots and lots of inter-actives. I love making fun surprise pages that you can add to and use.
Love, love, love how these pages turned out. A true pleasure to create this project!
The magnetic booklet opened to show the surprises inside.
Last page and inside of back cover. Sweet Sweet Sweet!
I can't recommend this collection enough if you are wanting to create a baby album. These papers flow so easily and work well together. Enjoy!
I am including a link to my youtube walk through as well as the materials list below.
Authentique Beginnings Collection * White Cardstock * Yellow Cardstock * Green Cardstock * Yellow and green ribbons * Art Glitter Glue* Score Tape * Petaloo Yellow Flowers * 49 Market Pina Colada Flowers * Metal pull * Bronze Brads * Pop Dots