Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ocean File Box (special order)

Today I am sharing an order I completed and delivered. I just love these 'Accordion File Boxes'! This is 6x6 but of course could be any size. This order was for a lady that loves the ocean, so using the Graphic 45 'By the Sea' collection worked out perfectly. These file boxes can be used in so many ways, from storing recipes to filing cards in their respective 'month' so they would be easy to see who's birthday, anniversary or other special event was coming up that month. On the large month card that each of the 12 files have, there is ample space to write what might be included in that particular months file.
What a fun project! I decorated the front with 'ocean' items such as starfish a cool dimensional sea horse and some sparkly seashells. A double ribbon tied up in a bow finishes off the front.
A closer look at the front of the Accordion File Box. See those 3D embellishments, she loved those!
Close up of that awesome sea horse.
Have to show a close up of the spiny starfish.
This is the back of the box. I made a pocket which I wave cut the top. I made a card that the buyer could write a personal note to the recipient for her birthday!
The card out of the wave pocket.
Side view
Magnetic closure flap opened to show the pretty picture on the box front. You can see the month tabs on each of the file pockets.
A better view of the file pockets with their month tab on the enclosed card inside each one. I staggered the month tabs.. January through June...then started at the far left again to begin the other 6 months July through December. I wanted them easy to see and access.
Box open.
I hope you enjoyed this one, as I loved making it. So many ideas for these handy accordion file boxes. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know. Thanks for taking the time to view my blog. Check back soon, as I will have more to show.

Special Order Purple/Black Graduation Album

Hello everyone! Yes, I had another request for a beautiful Purple/Black Graduation Album. What fun to create using those colors again, but making it 'different' and 'One of a kind'! For some reason some of the pictures appear to be blue....but I assure you, they are all purple. This album will hold a ton of photos and journaling as I'm sure the recipient has. I hope this will be a keepsake for her!
This is the cover. On this album, I made pockets all the way around the outside of this cover. There are tags/mats in every pocket all the way around this album.
This is the spine. Lots of purple/black ribbons adorn the spine along with a wise old owl! Have to have an owl when you are making a graduation album. This guy has purple eyes! How fitting for this album. Note the pocket on the spine and the nice size tag/mat.
The back of the cover.....yes, pocket along the bottom just like all parts of this cover. 3 large tags/mats in that pocket to hold more photos and or journaling.
The right spine and again, yes, there is a pocket with a nice size tag/mat. All the tags/mats around the perimeter of the cover have ribbon pulls.
Album magnetic flap opened. The inside of the cover is papered in a different purple print and there is fancy black 'doiley' punched black cardstock that skirts the pattern paper. This gives it a definite 'feminine' appeal. There is a pocket showing on the inside of the right spine with 2 large tags/mats. The pocket is embellished with a dimensional piece.
The large tags/mats out of the front pocket reveals "Class of 2015". A pretty black ribbon finishes off the pocket.
A look inside the album completely opened. The inside cover has a very large handmade envelope with a large card inside. How perfect to write a note to the graduate and place it inside the private envelope. Untie the ribbon bow and it would be accessible. There is a dimensional accent on the envelope to set it off. You can see some of the pretty black frilly punched accent paper inside.
Page 1. This is a very inter-active page that holds a surprise once all the flaps are opened. The top flap with the ribbon accent is magnetized to keep it all snug and tidy.
A close up of the inside cover envelope.
The first flap open has a belly band and frilly stop, which holds a nice size tag/mat.
Another flap opened and you can begin to see the background beautiful paper and something else. Also each of the flaps are sized to hold photos.
All flaps opened and there are 2 large tags/mats.
The large tags/mats removed to show them and the pretty paper underneath. "Reach for the Stars" is the sentiment on that pattern paper.
The super large top pull tag/mat. All the pages have one of these giant mats/tags. On each, I've put a tagged sentiment. These will hold a ton of journaling and or photos!
Turn the page, pages 2 & 3. Page 2 has my favorite technique which is the waterfall. I just love them and try to include one in every album I do. They hold so much in a small area. This waterfall is held closed with a magnetic wrap over belly band. It is adorned with a pretty purple flower (although it appears to be blue).  Page 3 has a top flap and a side embellished ribbon. I like this pattern paper which will be revealed once the flap is flipped open.
A closer look at the pretty waterfall.
A closer look at page 3. See the graduation cap, I added some black embroidery floss to represent a 3D tassel.
Flap flipped and isn't that base paper cool?! Love this!
The top load giant tag I pulled a little way out to show it. I like the pretty pulls on these tags/mats.
Pages 4 & 5. There's the wise old owl. Page 4 has a large bottom pocket which holds 2 large tags/mats. Page 5 is also inter-active.
Close up of page 4. Polka dot purple sheer ribbon decorates the tags/mats and the large bottom pocket.
The large tags/mats from that pocket.
Page 5 a closer look.
Lift that gold polka dot flap and there is a side pocket with 3 pretty glittered tags/mats.
The pretty glittered tags/mats out of their side pocket.
Pages 6 & 7. Page 6 has a top corner pocket with 3 small tags that are linked together with a pretty golden heart. Page 7 has a side pocket with tags/mats and displays the year of graduation.
Close up of page 6.
The linked tags from page 6 with their shiny golden heart.
Page 7 a closer look. The side long pocket has another shiny golden heart charm attached to it. Inside that pocket are 2 good sized tags/mats.
Tags/mats from that side pocket on page 7.
That flap opens up for even more space for pics.
Flip that pocket open/over and under it is the base page with yet another pocket on the right side. Inside that pocket are 4 cute tags with ribbon pulls.
A closer look at the flap opened.
A close up of that page. There is a lot of bling running down the side of the magnetized pocket/flap.
Use that 'pull' on that magnetized flap and it opens to reveal a tri-fold!
Pull that flap back the other way to show the backside of that tri-fold.
Pages 8 & 9. Page 8 has a fold over pocket which holds a booklet! Page 9 is inter-active and has a top magnetized flap.
Page 8 with the booklet out and shown. There is another wise old owl on the cover of the booklet.
Closer look at page 8 showing the booklet in it's pocket.
Close up of page 9. The flap is decorated with shiny gold stars. The bottom pocket is scallop punched and decorated with a 3D embellishment.
Page 9 with it's flap flipped! Now you can see the pretty scalloped pocket which holds 2 scalloped tags. The base page has a pretty purple ribbon.
Pages 10 & 11. Page 10 has a fold down flap, which keeps those 2 large tags/mats right in place since it's magnetized. Page 11 has a pretty handmade envelope.
A close up of page 11. The envelope is held closed with a black ribbon. The ribbon is adorned with a cool little owl! His eyes are sparkly gems. A great place for momentos.
A close up of that cool owl!!!
Page 12 and the inside back cover. Another waterfall to hold all those important graduation pics. This one is held closed with a ribbon. Untie the bow and you will access the many 4x6 mats!
The inside back cover has a belly band and a large sentiment tag/mat.
A close up of that inside back cover with it's belly band large tag/mat holder.
A closer look at the wise old owl on the spine. Purple eyes! Love it!!
My purple/black albums have been a huge hit. It's always a fun challenge to see what I can create and make a one of a kind keepsake. I do special orders and haven't had a theme yet I can't create with. I want to say thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my creations. If there's anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to drop me a line or PM me. Come back again soon, as I will have more projects to be viewed. Questions? Feel free to ask or comment.