Thursday, February 18, 2016

Design Team Creation using Graphic 45 Childrens Hour

I am so happy to share today my creation I made using Graphic 45 Childrens Hour Collection.  This was a Design Team Project for Country Craft Creations (a link at the end of this post to their website where all the materials/supplies can be purchased) It took a bit longer to finish this project but I think it was well worth the time spent. It really was a 'labor of love', as I LOVE this collection and how this album turned out. It is actually a multifunctional album with tons of inter-actives. This is also a huge album, measuring 9 1/4 X 11 1/4 and boasting 16 pages! Holy cow!! I am also posting a link to the youtube video at the end of this post. I am offering this unique and custom album for sale, if interested, give me a yell and I will be happy to discuss it with you.
Settle back, relax and enjoy all the photos. I welcome all comments and will do my best to answer any questions promptly.

The photos above show the front cover, back cover, spine and magnetic flap. What a great collection to work with! I have made handmade flowers using papers from the collection and also many of the cut a parts and ephemera from the collection. Colored seam binding is also used and matches the collection perfectly. This was a welcomed embellishment, as it meant you didn't have to try to dye it to match anymore! PERFECT! I have embellished the front cover creating a pocket that holds 4 4X6 cards that are perfect for journaling and or photos. I embellished all sides and back of the cover. This collection was large enough to do it easily.
Opening the album, you will find there are so many inter-actives! My gosh folks, this album will hold a ton more!

Inside the magnetic closure flap there is a pocket that holds a large matted tag. I have inked and matted everything in this album, so it all 'flows' nicely.
Inside the front cover, there is a large complete waterfall calendar! How perfect would this be to record all the birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates that come each and every year! The boxes in this calendar are spacious enough to hold those important notes. This waterfall calendar is held closed by a pretty magnetic band decorated with a handmade flower from the paper collection. Black shiny rhinestone beads make up the center of the flower.
Open the magnetic band and the calendar comes to life, displaying those large boxes awaiting those important dates.

The beautiful months in fabulous graphic 45 vibrant colors!
Flip that last calendar page (December) and under the large beautiful waterfall calendar hides a large pocket that is adorned with a matted graphic. Inside the pocket resides 3  4X6 beautiful ephemera cards.
Look at the gorgeous graphics and vibrant colors this collection offers. Love it!
Have extra photos or memorabilia? Tuck them in that roomy pocket with those ephemera cards.
Page 1 (January). This page is extremely inter-active and holds so much! I have made this album a one of a kind and it is unique in as much as it has double 'pages'.... Meaning: The top portion of the page which is a full size 8  1/4 X 8 1/4 is on it's own hinge.....and coordinating on the bottom is another pocket portion that is 3X 8 1/4 and is attached to yet it's OWN hinge, so both pieces are coordinating to each other, but move independently!! How cool is that!!!! The lower pieces are also embellished and are pockets that hold yet more mats and tags! Each large portion page is also holding a giant matted tag with a pretty coordinating pull.
These are the mats/tags that are inside the pocket on the first page.
Handmade flowers and leaves decorate the page nicely.
Open the flap on the first page and there is a bottom pocket decorated with matted and popped stamps from the collection. It exposes the flap underneath that also has a pocket and holds mats/tags.

The goodies from one of the pockets. The booklet opened also has matted/tags!

The top flap, has a pocket and when flipped open has yet another pocket with mats/tags! Pretty vibrant papers in this collection! How can you not love them all. Yellow seam binding sets of the blue/yellow color scheme.

The flips/flaps opened and the bottom photo shows even more of the mats/tags in the pockets.
Every page holds a huge mat/tag with a coordinating pull. A journaling spot is on the bottom of them.
The bottom independent pocket page is also inter-active. Open the magnetic flap and it is embellished and lace cut to dress it up.
These are sweet mats/tags inside that bottom pocket.
Page 2 (February). Pretty colorful February! Beautiful graphics and colors. Rust colored seam binding works perfectly as the accent color. There is more inter-actives...and lots of mats/tags/booklets to be found.
Inside the pocket on the lower portion, are the mats/tags. The pocket is adorned with pretty matted graphics and stamps.
Fold down the magnetic flap and there are matted tag holders along with the adorable mats/tags! There are 2.... so much space in this unique album!
The 2 pretty mats/tags from those holders.
Page 3 (March). Of course greens are the primary colors of this month, so the coordinating green seam binding came in handy! On the bottom independent portion, there is a pocket that holds a cool matted journaling spot with a thumb pull. Inside the pocket are 3 sweet mats/tags. Purple and green are so beautiful together.
These are the mats/tags from that bottom portion.
The main page portion, has a side magnetic flap with a chipboard pull. Open that flap to expose 2 more flaps on the opposite side. One has a belly band with a cool matted piece.

Open that little magnetic flip booklet to reveal a papered inside with a small calendar of March.
Close up of the belly banded top flap that holds the sweet magnetic flip booklet.
Open both flaps and the base page is shown with a bottom low riding pocket. Inside is a sweet booklet with a magnetic strip closure.

The sweet booklet with the magnetic strip closure. It also has a pocket that holds another booklet! I packed this album with so much, it will take a lot to fill it....and a lot of fun trying!!!
Last look at the inter-active page with the flaps opened and booklet exposed, as well as the bottom independent page portion.
Page 4 (April). Such a pretty page with blue being the primary color. The lower portion is dressed up with a pretty blue seam binding and matted stamps popped up for dimension. Inside are 3 sweet mats/tags with blue seam binding pulls.
The sweet mats/tags from that lower page pocket.
The upper independent page has 3 pockets.  Pretty blue matching seam binding flows along the side of the page. A pretty matted tag is stationary...but is inter-active. Open the tag and there is ample space to journal.

Inside those 3 page pockets are several mats/tags.
This is another sweet booklet from one of the 3 pockets. I lace cut the bottom piece, which is magnetic and keeps the booklet closed.

Open the magnetic flap and inside you will find a sentiment pocket with 3 more mats/tags. A pretty place to add photos and or journaling.
Page 5 (May). This pretty page has 2 scissor pockets. The page is embellished with sentiments and handmade flowers using papers that match the page papers. Brown seam binding  coordinates perfectly.

Inside the scissor pockets is a beautiful booklet. Inside the booklet it features a belly band and a stop made up of cool small cut a parts. The Mats/tags reside in those spaces.

The lower piece is inter-active and a tiny chipboard floral piece can be used to lift the flap and show a sentiment stop that is holding more mats/tags. The top is embellished with a handmade flower and brown seam binding. The browns and pinks are fabulous together!
Again, each of the upper pages hold a giant matted/tag suitable for journaling and or pictures.
Page 6 (June). Soft and pretty colors adorn this page. In the upper portion, there is a wooden frame that has been sprayed with handmade glitter spray causing it to be a pretty soft pink shimmery  appeal. Place photo here is stamped on the blank insert.. Pink seam binding highlights the page. There is a matted stamp which  holds a sweet booklet.

The booklet is so cute and inside is set up to hold matted mats/tags.

The bottom portion holds all the additives you see.
Page 7. This is a one piece full length 11 1/4 X 8 1/4 page. There are 2 cards on this page that are magnetized to seal shut. There is a pocket on the bottom of each card. Handmade flowers and matted sentiments decorate the cards. Pretty blue seam binding was totally appropriate for this blue page.

The mats/tags from the card pockets.

The cards are magnetized to allow them to remain closed and personal. What a great place to enter some journaling that you may not want on display.
This full length page as well as the next full length page have full length giant mats/tags Wow, lots and lots of photos can be placed on this mat.
Page 8. Blue pattern paper dress this page as well as a side pocket. Inside the pocket there are 3  4X6 mats/tags. The page is decorated with matted stamp popped up and sentiment strips that are also matted.
The mats/tags from the roomy pocket.
Page 9. Another full length page, so large. Green is the theme and green seam binding is a definite plus. A matted tag is stationary on the top left of the page. A belly band with a bottom stop  holds another booklet. Green seam binding tops off the page perfectly.

The nice size booklet from inside the belly band. Inside booklet is another belly band with a large mat/tag.
Page 10. A nice green pattern paper which is also part of the collection was used to make up this multiple pocket page. Hand made flowers backed with narrow ribbon in black adds to the flowers. Matted stamps help to complete the page.

These are the additives inside those pockets. Lots and lots of real estate in this album folks!
Page 11 (July). What a colorful and pretty page with the bright colors and graphics! Red is the accent color for the seam binding. We are back to the 2 independent pages for the month. Very inter-active.
 These matted stamps reside in pocket on the top flap.

Open the flap, and there is side sentiment stop that holds a beautiful booklet. Inside the booklet you will find matted stops on both pages that hold 2 mats/tags. This sweet booklet is held closed by the matching red seam binding tied in a pretty bow.

The lower portion is a pretty independent pocket at is also adorned with the coordinating red seam binding. Inside the pocket are 3 mats/tags. Stacked matted stamps add to the front of the pocket.
Page 12 (August). Colorful and beautiful are the papers for this month of August. Inter-active of course...the top portion has magnetic flaps with secrets inside. A matted stamp popped up adds dimension and interest to the page. Black seam binding works as the accent.

Lifting the magnetic flaps show the hidden stops holding mats/tags. So many hidden treasures in this album.

The mats/tags from those hidden places.

The pretty bottom portion is also sporting a magnetic flap with the cute little matted stamp pull. Open the flap to find more space for those photos and or journaling.

These reside in the bottom pocket. 2 cool mats/tags and a booklet with a stop inside that holds the cool matted tag.
Page 13 (September). This used to be the month when school started back. I love this page so much. It is decorated with a side pocket and a handmade flower from the papers on this page, a matted sentiment and a stationary tag. Also, I have added a wooden 'A' and a wooden 'B' shaved from antique wooden childrens blocks. LOVE it!
The cool matted tag from the side pocket. I added a journaling spot to the bottom of it.

The matching bottom pocket has a rounded side pocket also. Inside you will find 3 mats/tags and in the rounded pocket on top of the bottom portion there is a matted strip of stamps.
Page 14 (October). Pretty colorful purple, orange and black color scheme for October!!! Of course Halloween is prevalent for the month. Purple seam binding goes perfectly on both pieces top and bottom. Two magnetic scissor flaps hold surprises under them!
Open those magnetic scissor flaps to find mats and tags!

The goodies from under those flaps. Awesome!

The bottom piece  decorated with the purple seam binding and matted small cute. Inside the pocket are the 3 mats/tags shown.

Page 15 (November). Gorgeous papers and inter-actives. Let's show how it all works.

Removing the booklet from the stop, and showing the inside of it, there are stops on both pages and mats/tags in them.

With the booklet removed, the small 2 page 4x6 waterfall is visible. Perfect for those photos. Rust seam binding works so well with the colors he papers. Lifting the last waterfall page allows the side stop that holds 3 matted stamps to be accessed!
The sweet matted stamps from that side stop.

The independent bottom portion has been embellished with a chipboard piece with rust colored seam binding. Black cardstock lace cut finishes lower portion which holds more mats/tags. Behind the bottom independent piece you can see some lace that decorates the bottom pocket on the upper page portion.
Page 16 (December). Yes, December holds the colors of Christmas! Red seam binding works great for this page. The upper page has a magnetic flap with a handmade flower.

The upper portion shown and the upper portion with the top flap raised. Under that flap is a cool matted pocket with 3 mats/tags with red seam binding pulls. Below the flap there is a large pocket that holds more goodies.

All the sweet goodies inside the pockets! Another booklet with a laced edge perfect for 4x6 photos.
The bottom page, I had to make a cute Christmas Tree. This tree was made from black cardstock and matching patterened paper. The tree has red embroidery floss for garland and a sparkly rhinestone piece for the tree topper. A side stop saying Happy Holidays holds yet another mat/tag.
Mats/tags inside that bottom piece pocket.
The inside back cover is pretty papered with pattern paper and a large bottom pocket. Lace decorates pocket as well as matted stamps that are popped for dimension. Inside are 3 beautiful ephemera cards perfect to journal on.
The pretty ephemera cards from the pocket.

The inside of the magnetic closure flap has a graphics pocket with a pretty long matted tag.
I hope you enjoyed this album. It's large and loaded and I hope shows you some ideas of how you can use this beautiful Graphic 45 Childrens Hours Collection. Please visit my youtube walk through (Subscribe to my channel) using this convenient link: 
 To purchase the materials/supplies used to create this project, visit:  In a hurry for the supplies? Tammy will ship orders out immediately, so you get them lightning fast!
If you are interested in purchasing this one of a kind super large album, please contact me to discuss. Feel free to leave comments or questions, and I will respond asap.
Again, I appreciate you taking your time to check out my blog, and hope you stop in again soon, as I will have more one of a kind creations posted.
 Materials List:
Graphic 45 Childrens Hour Collection consisting of: 12x12 Sheets, 8x8 Pad, 6x6 Pad, Calendar Sheet Set, Ephemera Cards and Chipboard Set.
Colored Seam bindings to match the collection.
Black Cardstock 12x12 & 8 1/2 x 11.
Medium Weight Black Chipboard 12x12 pieces.
Distress Ink: Black Soot
ScorTape: 3/8" & 1/4"
ATG Tape: 1/4"
Scotch Quick Dry Glue.
Glossy Accents.
Rhinestones black and red.
Basic Grey Magnets: Large & Small.
Flower punches.