Sunday, July 3, 2022

 IndigoBlu (Mixed Media Special 6)

This is my Design Team projects for The Rubber Buggy using the awesome IndigoBlu Mixed Media Special 6 Magazine/Kit. OMG, I never thought I would like using a kit....but I'm here to tell you, this was super cool!! I whipped out 5 projects using the contents of the mag/kit in record time. I can't begin to tell you how easy and quick it is to so so many projects....even making boxes. I've never made a box as easy and simple as it was to do these 2, holy cow, I was impressed. The directions are written super well and so very easy to follow. After making these 5 projects (3 cards and 2 boxes) there is still a TON left in this mag/kit. The next magazine/kit will be Christmas it should be really popular and will sell out quickly I'm sure. Check this edition as there are still a few in the shop and there is another volume available as well....I will have to check that baby out!! ;-)

This tri-fold card was my own using the materials in the mag/kit. I wanted something more masculine and simple and thought this worked out perfectly. The stamps in this kit are very cool and can be used for all types of projects. 

To make the screen type piece, I used of course the die that came with the mag/kit. Such pretty papers to use...and stickers.... 

This is the first card I made from the mag/kit. Everything is popped up for dimension. I changed it up a little bit though and like it a lot! So so easy.

I love this box. I honestly have never made a box so easy and fast ....ever!! I kid you not, this had to be the absolute simplest box to make including the ribbon made from paper in the mag/kit! It was also super easy and fast to worries about making coordinating bows anymore.... not with these simple to use instructions! Pretty cool box and ribbon.

If you wanted to make it even stronger you could certainly cut some chipboard and adhere to the box bottom and lid...but even just using the papers from the mag/kit, it's is pretty doggone sturdy and nice size!!! 
This is another of the super easy boxes to make using the mag/kit and the super duper easy instructions. This called a 'jewelry box' and sure, it certainly could be used for jewelry or anything else you'd like to stash away. 

The inside is also papered and this was using ONE sheet of cardstock to construct the box! Such time saving instructions and easy to use written so even a newbie wouldn't have any problems following them. Again, chipboard could also be added before putting on the pattern paper inside the lid and inside bottom of the box to add even more strength. 

I highly recommend this magazine/Kit and am excited to see what the previous one has (there are still a few copies in the shop) as well as the new Christmas edition that will be out soon and most likely will be a pre-order at: 
I hope you check it out and upon getting yours, I can't wait to see what projects you create with your copy so be sure to share pics!!

My youtube walk through video link:

You can find this magazine/Kit here:

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