Sunday, August 30, 2015

I truly appreciate everyone taking their time to view my creations on here. I will be posting a couple new creations that the recipients have received I hope you stop back in and check them out. I am working diligently to get orders completed and as always making sure each one is a one of a kind for a special keepsake. I have lots of repeat orders from folks that loved the creation they received and immediately placed another order to get on the 'list'. Thank you so much everyone, I have met some wonderful wonderful ladies and made several new friends with similar cool is that!!!!!

Watch for the newest creations soon... and thanks again!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Mother Goose Album (order)
I have to first say I LOVE this paper collection! Graphic 45 Mother Goose has to be one of my very favorite papers. So much you can do with this paper and so much you can fussy cut from it to make whatever project you are working on come to 3D life!! This album was a joy to create, and was so happy to hear how much the recipient loved it. On the cover you will see it is the magnetic flap closure that is so popular with my albums, and lots of dimensional elements. On the flap note the blocks.... those I found in an antique shop (which hubs and I frequent often). I then had my hubs 'slice' off the fronts of them about a 1/4" so I could use them on this album. Humpty, Mother Goose and the Little Girl Jumping Rope are all fussy cut and popped up for special effect. There are also soft, fluffy dimensional sheep and the words Mother Goose and all the stars have been Glossy Accented to sparkle! Ribbon and a chipboard dimensional Humpty Dumpty tag completes the front nicely.
The main spine has a shower of ribbon bows along with a Mother Goose large stamp with a sweet dimensional pink birdy sitting on top of it. Yes, this is for a sweet baby girl!
The back of the album shows more nursery rhyme characters! All are fussy cut, inked and popped up. Hey Diddle Diddle The Cat and the Fiddle The Cow Jumped Over the Moon....The Little Dog Laughed to see Such Sport and the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon!! There is also other characters...the mom and little girl with the goose...that one escapes me at the moment ...hmmmmm. Of course my stamp is on the bottom as always.
The flap is opened to reveal the whole front cover. Love the fussy cut characters, they really make the cover pop!
Inside cover and Page 1. Inside cover is super active!
Inside cover has a large cover flap, with a pretty pink ribbon and a stop on the bottom that holds a large mat/tag and a smaller one. Journaling and or picture places here. The paper on this large flap is songs of nursery rhymes....too cute!!!
The mats/tags from that stop on the front inside cover flap.
Opening the inside cover flap shows another narrow flap (in the plaid) and behind it is another bottom tag stop that holds a large mat/tag. More nursery rhyme papers back that page.
This is the large mat/tag from behind the tag stop.
Adorable papers back that large flap..
Flip that narrow flap over and more more more!!  :-) 
Page 1. Oh this page was so much fun!!! There is a cool flap adorned with a dimensional Mother Goose tag. Inside that flap is a mat/tag.
Flip open the flap to show the full page and the fussy cuts.
(sorry for the blurry pic)... good old Mother Goose is fussy cut and popped up...inking helps to add dimension also.
Inside the flap pocket is a mat/tag which also holds another smaller mat/tag. So much space to journal all those important notes about baby and hold all those precious pictures.
Mat/tag from the pocket flap.
Mat/tag back in place and the giant top load mat/tag is exposed. All the pages have one of these super large mats/tags. Large pictures or lots of journaling would be perfect for them.
Pages 2 & 3. (I told you this album was jam packed with lots of inter-actives!) There are so many things going on with these two pages.... gotta' love it!
Page 2. On this page we have not one, but two flap pockets! Both are decorated with dimensional tags from the collection set off with ribbon.
Bottom flap pocket opened....
Both flap pockets open....
These are the mats/tags with more mats/tags in their pocket.
Page 3. Lots are on this page! There are actually 3 pockets on this page. See them?
Look at all the mats/tags from those 3 pockets. All have sweet pink ribbon pulls.
The super large top pull mat/tag shown part way out.
Pages 4 & 5. More and more inter-actives. More and more space for photos and journaling! I love to provide as much as I can in my albums.
Page 4 .... one of my favorite pages. This page has gatefold flaps held securely closed with the magnetic center piece. The center piece is embellished with more fussy cut features to give it POP! Characters and flowers are all popped!
Open the magnetic closure and inside you have mats/tags galore! On the inside right flap there is a bellyband and stop that holds a nice size mat/tag. Center page has a bottom pocket holding large mats/tags with ribbon pulls. On the right flap you will find another bellyband and stop which holds a mat/tag. Isn't this cute!
Mat/tag from the right inside flap...
The large mats/tags from the center page bottom pocket.
Mat/tag from the inside right flap.
Page 5. This page has a pretty white ribbon and two handmade envelopes which hold mats/tags inside. Perfect place to write something special that you would like to keep 'private'. The flaps are tucked neatly inside the stopper stamps.
Both envelopes opened to show the sweet cards inside.
Cards back in their snug little envelopes and the super large top pull mat/tag shown part way out.
Pages 6 & 7. Yes ladies.....inter-actives! Isn't that half the fun of one of a kind mini albums?
Page 6. This page has a pretty cut flap covering a pocket. On the flap is a handmade flower from some of the papers.
Flap opened to expose the pocket which holds a mat/tag. A pretty pink ribbon completes the page.
The mat/tag from the pocket.
Page 7 is very dimensional. There are handmade flowers from the paper collection and accented the centers with golden studs. The nursery rhyme across the bottom is wavy to add interest and another gold stud is used. A bellyband and bottom pocket holds a booklet. The bellyband is accented with a pink ribbon and chipboard tag.
A closer look at the wavy piece and flowers.
The booklet from the bottom pocket.
Inside the booklet.... what a sweet place to write a note and add a cute photo.
Back of booklet .... hehehe I try to be thorough my friends.  :-)
Booklet back in place and giant top pull mat/tag exposed.
Pages 8 & 9. Oh my...ladies, so much on page 8!
Page 8. Two pockets on this page.... the bottom pocket is decorated with a sweet pink ribbon and two double matted stamps. Inside that pocket you will find 3 good size nursery rhyme song mat/tags/. The top pocket holds several things.....
Look at all the mats/tags on this page. You also have 2 booklets...
Page 8 showing the placement of all the add-ons. Notice on top the booklets fit so nicely over the top of the pocket.
Page 9. Another fun page to make.
Flip down the magnetic closure band and flip up the top flap and you will find a pocket which also holds booklets!
This is one of the booklets ...
Inside this booklet is a bottom pocket which holds another mat/tag. Can't have too many mats/tags for photos and or journaling.
Another booklet from that pocket.
Inside the other booklet.
The other little booklet of sorts that hangs nicely over the pocket. So you don't forget the Mary Had a Little Lamb's all there for you.
See how nicely the fold over booklet hangs on the pocket.. 

Everything back in place and the giant top pull mat/tag shown part way out.
Pages 10 & 11. I just love the graphics in this collection... excellent!
Page 10. Check out that sweet fluffy sheep that is dimensional and I think could very well be one of Mary's sheep. This page has a couple pockets also and is embellished with pretty ribbon and a handmade flower. There are mats/tags and another magnetic flap mat.
The magnetic flappy mat flipped up...
Here is the magnetic mat flap that is also embellished. You can place it anywhere within the album.
Here are the other mats/tags from the other pocket on this page.
Page 11 ... this page has a large handmade envelope that has a large card inside. The outside is decked out with a cool chipboard embellishment that I have popped up and inked. The envelope is held closed by tucking the flap in behind the chipboard button.
Here is the card from inside the envelope. The card itself is actually a pocket that holds 2 mats/tags. Soooooo.... triple duty for this little number!
Nice size mats/tags from that bottom pocket on the card...
Back in it's envelope now and the giant top pull mat/tag shown.
Page 12. Yes, absolutely, there MUST be a waterfall!! The inside back cover is shown as well.
Closer look at the waterfall..... I just love waterfalls. So much real estate in such a small space, one of my favorite techniques for sure.
A closer look at the front flap with the antique alphabet blocks.
I loved making this album and using this Graphic 45 Mother Goose collection. It is such a dream to work with and so very easy. There is so much you can fussy cut from this collection...I hate hearing it's retired. I will be checking with Tamra for sure to see if she has more in stock!!
Thanks for checking out my blog and this album, I appreciate it so much. I do my best to post several pictures and details.... I hope it's not to lengthy.....but I love sharing my work. Stop in again soon, as I will have more pics of completed orders as well as DT projects.