Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mexico Album (Custom Order)
Hello everyone! Today I'd like to share with you all a finished custom order for a Mexico Album. What fun this one was to create, as Mexico represents such bold beautiful colors and that in turn makes for a beautiful colorful album! This album is an 8X8 with lots of inter-actives and plenty of space for all those fabulous pictures and journaling.
The cover of this album has been decorated with chipboard letters that were colored in black (to flow with the background cardstock that wraps this album) and finished with Glossy Accents to give that shiny dimensional look. Flowers created with the papers in the album go beautifully with the patterned paper used on the front cover. Actual 'pesos' are also applied to the cover along with some sentiments that are matted.
The spine is embellished with colored ribbons that represent the colors in the album as well as large colorful metal cross I was lucky to find, and is covered in several types of jewels and beads...perfect fit for this album!
The back of the album that carries my stamp.
The inside cover and page 1.
The inside cover has pretty shiny patterned paper and also a roomy pocket that holds a large matted tag. The pocket is embellished with orange ribbon and a cool dimensional donkey piƱata. The same pattern just in a different color was used on the mat/tag.

Page 1. Such a fun pattern used on this page! I also used it to create a booklet that slides nicely in the bottom corner pocket. A huge top load mat/tag can be found on every page. Lots of space for lots of photos and/or journaling about that special trip to Mexico!
Page 2 & 3.

Page 2. This page is covered in cool sunflower paper! Fun, fun, fun! A large sunflower and pretty yellow ribbon decorates the wide belly band. A bottom stop with a glittery 'South of the Border' dimensional sticker helps to keep the super large mat/tag in place. A 5x7 picture will fit nicely on this mat.

Page 3. A large bottom pocket on this fun page holds a large booklet ready for photos/journaling. Maracas adorn the booklet.
Pages 4 & 5.

Page 4. This is a busy page for sure! It holds 2 pockets which holds 3 mats/tags each. There is also a stop on the top pocket that holds another mat/tag for a total of 7 mat/tags for this page I love the pattern of this south of the border!

Page 5. This page has a long side pocket highlighted with the bright pretty green ribbon. 2 booklets reside in that pocket.
Pages 6 & 7.
Page 6. On this page I have brought in several colors to make it pretty and bright! The two magnetic side pieces hold a 5x7 booklet in place also with the help of the bottom stop.

Open those magnetic flaps and remove the booklet which will hold many photos! On the front cover there are 2 oval places for photos. Pull the top load 'place photo here' spacer and insert your photos. A scalloped punched side adds to the booklet.
Page 7. This pattern paper looks just like Mexican tiles. A sombrero adds dimension to the magnetic flap. There is also a pocket on that flap which holds a mat/tag.

Lift that magnetic flap and there is a bottom pocket with a booklet inside. The large top load mat/tag can be seen pulled slightly to show. All pages have one.
Pages 8 & 9.
Page 8. Magnetic 'banner' flap at the top help to hold in place a long tall mat/tag in the narrow bottom pocket. A fun dimensional cactus decorates the page.

Lift the flap and access the long mat/tag.

Page 9. I love this pattern! So pretty! A large roomy bottom pocket holds 2 nice size mats/tags. Such a fun pretty page.
Pages 10 & 11.
Page 10. This page has a hidden area. The bottom pocket isn't just a is decorated with a cool dimensional sugar skull. Inside the pocket is a large mat/tag.
Lift the magnetic flap on the bottom pocket and there is a side stop with a mat/tag. The colors on this page are orange/red (although they don't show well in the pic).

The tags from inside the pocket and the hidden spot.

Page 11. I love this page also.... a handmade envelope from the papers in this album holds a roomy card inside perfect for a special note that perhaps one doesn't want on display.. Dimensional Mexican elements add to the look. The blues on this page are vibrant and really pop!
Page 12 & the inside cover.
This page holds one of my favorite techniques.......the
'waterfall'! The closure on this waterfall is a bit I have used a bottom flap that has a magnetic closure and folds over the top nicely to keep it all closed and in place. A glittery Mexico dimensional sticker aids in the pull.

Open that magnetic flap and gain access to the waterfall. Pretty pattern paper covers the fronts of the waterfall and the backsides were left blank for pics or journaling. Lots of photos can be placed in this small one page area.

The inside back cover mimics the inside of the front cover...same pattern....just a different color. The Mexican flag dimensional sticker finishes this back inside cover.
What a fun fun album to create. I hope you all enjoyed it. Please stop by again soon as I will have more creations posted very soon. I love a challenge........but found this album came together effortlessly. I love when the recipient loves what I create, it truly makes my heart happy!
If you would like information on ordering a custom album feel free to contact me with any ideas or themes you may have in mind...I love a great challenge!!!  :-)


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Custom Order: Graduation Album
Thanks for stopping in again folks, I certainly appreciate it! Today I would like to share a custom order graduation album that I finished for a repeat customer. I was so excited to do this for her and hope they love it as much as I did creating it.
This album is an 8x8 loaded with inter-actives and loads of space for photos and journaling.
The colors were grey/maroon (the school colors) and I was lucky to have those colors on hand. Paw prints were part of their logo as, happy to incorporate those in to the album. The front shows the school and a bottom corner pocket/stop that holds 3 double matted cut a parts.
The inside cover and page 1.
The inside cover has a large roomy bottom pocket which holds a very large double matted sentiment sticker.
Page 1. This page is so sparkly and fun. Black/gold sparkly pattern paper embellished with black ribbon and a large black flower. A long side pocket holds a ribbon embellished booklet.

A large matted top load tag can be found in all pages, I have partially pulled it so it can be shown. The booklet inside the pocket opened shows places for the 2016 prom pics! (Maroon cardstock was used as well as grey although it's showing up in pics pinkish).
Pages 2 & 3.

Page 2 has a pretty lower corner pocket that has been double matted and double papered. Inside that pocket can be found a large tag and booklet. A cool graduation cap embellishes the pocket.

Page 3. This page has a double waterfall on top...flip the 2 flaps and on the underside there are long pockets that hold a pretty large matted embellished tag with maroon ribbon pulls.
Pages 4 & 5.

Page 4. This page turned out so pretty. I created a side & bottom backward 'L' shaped pocket. In this pocket there is a pretty booklet held securely in place.

Page 5. A set of bottom corner matching pockets o this page holds a large tag with a bottom journaling space and two smaller matted tags. Perfect places for more photos and/or journaling. A pretty class ring with a diamond in the center embellishes the pockets.
Pages 6 & 7.

Page 6. A long side pocket embellished with pretty grey ribbon and a double matted sentiment sticker. Inside that pocket are 2 matted sentiment tags that can be completed by the graduate.

Page 7. A nice wide bellyband with a bottom stop holds a booklet that also has a bellyband and bottom stop with a nicely matted tag. Lots and lots of space for those important photos and journaling.
Pages 8 & 9.
Page 8. This page has a pretty frame for a picture of the graduate that slides down from the top. Handmade flowers from some of the pattern papers used throughout the album dress up the side of the page. Woven ribbon and maroon flower centers add the splash of color to coordinate with the matting.

Page 9. This is a gatefold page with a magnetic closure. Slide the closure to open the gatefold...and inside there is a nice roomy bottom pocket that holds a 'diploma' that can be filled in with all the pertinent info about the graduate and 2 matted sentiment cards that can also be filled out. The top load large mat that all pages possess can be seen partially pulled.
Pages 10 & 11.
Page 10. As requested by the customer, a pocket page was created for 'Letters from Teachers'.

Page 11. A handmade envelope and card from the patterned papers in the album was created for this page. This would be a perfect place to write a special message to the graduate for only her to view. Tuck it back in the envelope and it is out of plain view and kept private.
Page 12 & the inside back cover.

Page 12 has my favorite waterfall! This waterfall however flips up to expose a bottom pocket with a booklet inside. Papers from the album was used for the waterfall. Lots and lots of photos and journaling can be placed in that waterfall taking up such a small space.

The inside back cover has a matching (mirror image of the inside front cover) bottom pocket that holds a large double matted sentiment sticker.
Stop back again soon, as I will have more completed orders/creations posted very soon.