Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Design Team Project #2 for Country Craft Creations using Simple Stories Vintage Botanicals
What a fun fun project and so very easy. I wanted to use up the rest of the Simple Stories Vintage Botanicals Collection, as I just loved it. I made sure I got the 'frames' part of the collection and knew the first time I saw it at Simple Stories exactly what I wanted to do with it.....make a "Frame Album". This album measures a nice size at 6 1/2 X 9 1/2, perfect to hold those 5x7 photos. Each page is also a pocket that has a large photo mat and will hold many more. Each page also has a small magnetic 'flip pocket' that is perfect to hold more photos or journaling mats. Plenty of space in this album for tons of pictures and journaling. This collection flows so easily making projects come together quickly. I will include a materials list along with a link to the youtube walk through video and Country Craft Creations where you can obtain the materials to complete this project.
On the front cover of this "Frame Album", I of course used one of the frames in the collection. Photos can be easily slid in from the open top. These frames are beautiful and a must have. I also used some of the smaller cut a parts I matted and stacked for dimension creating a 'pocket' for the tri-fold booklet. 
The spine is adorned with a wide sheer ribbon in pink and tied up in a pretty bow. I thought simple was best since the graphics in the collection were stunning.
Opening the album, the inside cover has a bottom pocket I made from one of the cut a parts. It will hold several photo/journaling mats. I have added two. This collection has so many usable cut a parts that make perfect pockets or can be used to fussy cut and create embellishments. All pages in this "Frame Album" are the same in style.....they all have a usable photo frame, they all have large top loading pockets that hold large photo mats and they all have smaller magnetic pockets with photo/journaling mats and roomy enough to hold several more.
Just a couple of the photo/journaling mats from the inside cover. Aren't the graphics in this collection fabulous!
Inside cover
This is the first page. Each page is the same in style. 
A smaller magnetic pocket is on both sides of the page (front and back) and will hold photo/journaling mats. 
Photo/journaling mat with a scalloped pull tab
Turn down the small magnetic pocket and the "frame" page is shown. Photos can be easily slid into the frame through the open top. The frame is already decorated so it wasn't necessary to add more. 
The large photo mat from the large page pocket. All pages have one, with plenty of room for more. Oval scalloped pulls allow for easy access. 

Aren't the frames simply fantastic!! This is a double one that would hold 2 photos.
Gorgeous double frame.

Another pretty frame and pockets galore!

Close up of that pretty pretty frame!

Pockets and photo mats along with butterflies.

A butterfly frame on the butterfly paper.

A close up of the frame....pretty!

Another double frame....nicely embellished.

A look at the inside of the back cover. I used a cool chipboard piece as a photo mat holder.

The 2 cut a part photo mats.

This was indeed a fun and easy album to create. I love how it turned out and hope you all do as well.

Simple Stories Vintage Botanicals Collection including the frames * Cream cardstock * Prima Sepia Ink * Medium Weight Chipboard * Art Glitter Glue * Scoretape * Sheer pink ribbon *


Saturday, April 27, 2019

Simple Stories Vintage Botanicals
Design Team Project

What a beautiful collection to work with! I must say, the moment I first saw it at the Simple Stories warehouse, I fell in love with it and had ideas galore on how to use it. This is just one of the creations I came up with. It's a Book Box and Album. Above is the top of the box. Aren't the papers fabulous! I added some green seam binding, a pretty gold glittered butterfly a couple of the ephemera pieces to add dimension and glossy accents with a touch of Stickles. I didn't want to cover up the beautiful graphics on the paper, so I compromised with my embellishments.

A side view of the box. I wanted the 'feet' to be special and compliment this fabulous collection, so I chose to use crystal drawer knobs. Brass metal corners add a bit more elegance. 

A 'spine' view of the box. I added a metal piece that had floral components, I thought it went well with the graphic.

The inside of the box is papered to finish it as well as the edges around the box.

Opening the box you can see how the graphics in this collection just 'flows'. I used some of the beautiful ephemera pieces to make a photo mat stop and add more interest on the inside of the box top.

The photo mat tag from the inside cover.

With the box lid open, you can see the beautiful album that resides inside. I use a pretty pink transparent wide ribbon to cradle the album and make it easy to remove from the box.

(I apologize for the lighting on this and a few other pictures). The album open shows the first of 4 pages. Don't be fooled however, as each page is jam packed with interactive techniques and elements. Below you will see pics of just this first page...

A photo mat that is held in place by the ephemera side photo stop.
I think it's a must to have plenty of space for photos as well as journaling.

Open the top flap on page one and there are more pretty flaps to hold more photos. I added some of the ephemera butterflies which can be used to also hold photos.

Flip up that first flap that can hold a photo. Many more follows.

Pull down the next flap.....pretty pretty papers.

Flip up the next flap and be ready to pull down another.

There is another side mounted photo stop that holds another photo mat.

Pulling down the next flap exposes the base. I added a cool stemmed flower that holds another beautiful photo mat/tag.

The photo mat/tag is so pretty with the stemmed flower and sweet sentiment. It slips easily under the base flower. That is all of 'page 1', so let's flap that page to show the backside of page '1'.

Turning the page to the backside of page one..... I call it page '2'. OMG, yes, more of my favorite technique... the waterfall. Again, aren't these images in this collection fabulous.

There is a pocket on the bottom of the page that holds this pretty photo mat/tag and keeps the waterfall securely closed. Soft beige seam binding tied up in a bow and a chipboard saying dresses up the bottom pocket.

Flipping up the waterfall, shows the gorgeous pattern papers. This collection if full of them.

Another flip up of the waterfall to show all the beautiful graphics this collection offers.

More of the waterfall.

Waterfalls are such a wonderful technique because they offer so much space for photos yet take up such a small area. 

Last flap of the waterfall and the base is also a perfect place for a photo. Lots of interactive in this 1 page unit.

Now for page 3 (which is actually the 2nd page unit). A lower bellyband tied up with a pretty pink seam binding bow holds several photo mat/tags.

3 of the large cut aparts make the perfect photo mat/tags that fit perfectly under that bellyband.

Turn the page to the backside (page 4) still on the second page unit however and there is a side pocket that is accented with green seam binding and a pretty green butterfly. This pocket holds several photo mat/tags.

More of the cut aparts (several different sizes in this collection), make such great photo mat/tags. They all fit nicely back in the side pocket.

Next is the 3 page unit (page 5). A small magnetic booklet with a popped up butterfly holds closed the other 2 small booklets.

These small booklets are cute and easily accessed. Smaller photos would fit nicely and or journaling.

The small booklets that are stationary opened.

Backside of the 3rd unit (page 6). A magnetic flap holds several flaps in place that again, will accommodate lots of photos.

Open the flap and there is an embellished bellyband that holds a booklet. A large area for a photo is also available.

Flip open the next flap and there is a photo stop that holds another pretty cut apart photo mat/tag. 

Nice size photo mat/tag the side photo spot held.

Open another flap to more gorgeous pattern papered pages. More photo mats/tags can also be found.

So much in this album.

Turn another flap and you will be at the base with a bottom side pocket that holds a nice booklet.

The booklet also has a photo stop and holds another photo mat/tag.

Pretty and the end of the 3rd unit.

The 4th unit (page 7) has 2 long side pockets that hold plenty of mats and tags. 

Pockets are holding these 4 booklets.

Each booklet has a photo stop and plenty of space for journaling. 

Turn the page and the backside of unit 4 (page 8) is a cool pocket waterfall. The top has been scooped to allow ease of adding photos or momentos. It is held closed by a magnetic decorative strap that catches in the back.

I love this page.

Pull down the first flap of the waterfall and each page is not only a pocket, but it's also yielding a photo stop with a cut apart mat/tag.

Each page has a photo stop with a mat/tag. Ephemera, chipboard pieces and fussy cut pieces are used for them.

Love it!

Pretty patterned paper and photo stops.

Lots of photo opportunities in this album.

You could even put seed packets in the pockets.

This was such a fun project and this collection made it come together easily.

Flip, Flip, Flip.

Plentiful and the last of the waterfall and last of unit 4 (page 8).

Four units but tons of space.

Album spine. The pattern papers in this collection are just amazing and oh so beautiful! 

Backside of the album.

I hope everyone likes this creation as much as I loved creating it.
Below you can find a materials list as well as links to my youtube video and Country Craft Creations where you can find this collection.

Materials List

Simple Stories Vintage Botanicals Collection * Simple Stories Vintage Botanicals Chipboard Stickers, Ephemera, Sticker Sheet *   Graphic 45 Book Box * Cream Cardstock * Medium Weight Chipboard * Prima Color Philosophy Sepia Ink * Prima Frank Garcia Memory Hardware <Crystal Door Knobs> * Colored Seam Binding * Stickles  * Glossy Accents * Glitter Glue * Scoretape