Thursday, March 23, 2017

Authentique Saucy Collection
The Authentique Saucy collection is absolutely genius! It doesn't get any better than this wonderful vintage collection that is perfect for that keepsake recipe album. I have created a 7x7 album with a huge 3" spine with 3/4" gussets...yes, you read that right, 3/4" gussets as the pages in this album are sooooo inter-active I needed that much space to house them! hehehe There are 4 actual hinges holding pages, however, each of these pages hold several flips/flaps and elements you will think it has at least a dozen + pages.
Let's start with the cover. I made this album using a magnet closure that is on the right flap which overlaps the cover and keeps everything nicely in place. I used one of my favorite sheets from the collection to showcase the cover and then fussy cut another of the vintage ladies and pop dotted her on top of the original lady to give that extra effect. The magnetic flap is papered in the fabulous red gingham print from the collection and the 'recipe' piece was also cut from the collection and placed on top of the red gingham piece. The little metal silverware was then place on top to give that extra POP. I love the effect! There is actually more to the cover......with the vintage lady being popped up it creates a 'pocket' of sorts and holds even more recipe cards.
The main spine. I love the red gingham paper and used it on the spine and on other parts of the cover. I used some of the stickers from the collection to complete the spine.
Open the magnetic closure flap and the entire cover is revealed. I love that particular paper and just couldn't bear to cover just makes the perfect cover. I matted one of the stickers from the collection and added it to complete the overall front cover.
Opening the album completely aren't the colors and graphics wonderful!
Inside cover and first set of pages.
The inside cover has 2 of the cut a parts that have been matted and made to hold more cut a parts or recipe cards. A matted cut a part is shown sticking up to show how the others are basically stops to hold whatever you like.
My favorite technique 'the waterfall' is on the first page of all the sets. This one I matted the stickers that say I (HEART) Food and it resides on the top. A pretty coordinating seam binding holds it closed. So much space to hold many many recipes.
Open the waterfall flap and on the underside there is a nicely hidden pocket that holds a matted cut a part with a pretty scalloped pull. One of the stickers has been matted and used to accent the pocket. Several recipes could be stored there. Under the flap, is a magnetic page that has been matted with another of the fabulous graphic sheets in the collection. Scalloped edges have been made using a scalloped punch.
A close up of the hidden pocket holding the matted cut a part.
Open that scalloped page....and there is another matching one.
Open the other scalloped page... and underneath there are 2 pockets that hold matted cut a parts. Perfect place to hold more recipe cards or those that have been clipped from magazines or newspapers or printed.
Closing the scalloped pages and turning the page the next pages in the same set are shown. A matted cut a part attached to the side holds recipe cards securely. On the next page there is a bottom pocket a matted cut a part to dress it up. So so much can be held in this pocket, so many recipes!
See how easily this side 'stop' holds that matted cut a part. It will hold several.
A better look at that bottom pocket page showing how it can hold matted tags and recipes. Many recipes will fit in this pocket.
Open that flap to reveal MORE PAGES! This set of pages is still residing on the first hinge....hence the reason I made 3/4" gussets to hold these page 'sets'. A nice large space to add some big recipes in the center page and on the right, another side 'stop' to hold more matted tags with recipes or recipe cards.
A close up of the 'stop' holding a matted cut a part.
Lift that center flap to reveal another 2 pages with 'stops'. So so much space in this album to hold many many recipes.
See how easily those stops hold your recipe cards.
Close all the flaps and turn that page again to show the back page of the set. A fun print from the collection made in to a roomy bottom pocket. A matted cut a part dresses up the bottom pocket. More and more space in this album for lots and lots of recipes.
The next set of pages are shown with another waterfall on the top.
The waterfall page. I had some of these Recipe Planners and they worked out perfectly on this waterfall. You can put so much information on these Recipe Planners, they are truly very cool.
See all the space for information on the backside of the Recipe Planner.
Lift the last waterfall and a bottom decorative pocket lives there. This is an expandable pocket that will hold several recipe cards. There are recipe cards in the cut a parts and this is a perfect place to hold several.
See that cool recipe card from the collection.
Lift that waterfall flap and under that flap is a lot of fun stuff! You have a side running pocket embellished with some coordinating seam binding and that pretty punched scallop, that holds some matted cut a parts, and on the page below another side slashed pocket adorned with the same coordinating seam binding. Inside that pocket is a booklet made from one of the cool cut a parts. When that flap is opened, a fun fun pop up appears of a vintage lady in her vintage dress with matching earrings. She was stamped using one of the Art Impressions Stamps and colored using some watercolor pencils. Fun fun fun!
Inside that booklet is another pocket that is embellished with a stamped fork and there are a couple of matted tags in that pocket.
Close the waterfall flap and turn the page to show the next pages.
This page is decorated with such cool pattern papers from the collection, love it. The cupcakes are stamped images and is matted and attached to the side of the page to create a 'stop' that holds a nice big recipe card from the collection.
This page is papered with pretty aprons with a scalloped side pocket. That pocket holds those nice large recipe cards from the collection.
 Open the page to show the cool 'spread' of fun color and functionality! A side 'stop' made from a matted sticker from the collection holds more recipe cards from the collection.
Lift that center flap and surprise! another pop up! This one is a retro stand mixer that I colored in that infamous turquoise color that was so popular back then. There is a bottom pocket that holds a cool matted cut a part on the backside of that flap with room for more recipe cards. On the bottom page there is another pocket that holds more matted cut a parts and offers plenty of space for yet more and more recipes.
Close the flaps and turn the page and on the back of that set is another of my favorite techniques.
An expandable pocket/file to hold several recipes! This would be a perfect place to put all those clipped recipes that seem to want to scatter....with the magnetic closure, they will all remain safe and secure in one place.
The beginning of the 3rd set and this is all on the 3rd hinge folks. I use Scortape AND Art Glitter Glue to secure my pages to the hinges because I want to make sure I have a steadfast hold with them being so full and heavy. This top page again starts with some waterfall pages that have been papered with the Recipe Planner functional and love the coloring, it fits right in with the theme.
Lifting all the waterfall pages shows the base page and the side 'stop' which also holds a matted cut a part and more recipe cards if desired.
Lift that page flap and you reveal a double pocket on that base page that holds more matted cut a parts and roomy enough for more recipes. The top underside of the flap has a stamped and matted spoon that also becomes a side 'stop' to hold another matted cut a part. The sayings and graphics on the cut a parts are so retro and so much fun, really livens up the recipe album.
Close the flap and turn the page... bottom ribbon band made with coordinating seam binding and a cute stamped and matted cupcake embellishes the page nicely. A matted cut a part slides right in and stays put perfectly.
Open the page and more of those fabulous graphics are abundant and on the middle base page there is a pink triangle bottom 'stop' that holds a cool matted cut a part.
Lift that center page/flap and yay! another pop up! The bottom page I fussy cut the lady and gent and placed it on top of that same graphic which then serves as a 'pocket/stop'.
A close up of that pop up. She is another vintage/retro stamp from Art those retro stamps. Colored it with colored pencils. She's a fun surprise when you lift that page/flap.
Such fun graphics in this collection! So many possibilities to use them! So much space in this album!
Close the pages/flaps and turn the page.
The last page in this set has a magnetic side flap embellished with coordinating seam binding and a cute vintage sticker from the collection. Open that flap to show a bottom corner pocket/stop that holds matted cut a parts and/or more recipe cards. The cute strawberry pattern paper from the collection is such fun to work with.
Last 'set' of pages. Like the other sets, I started with a waterfall that is held closed by some coordinating seam binding. This waterfall is made up of 'all' Recipe Planners allowing for tons of room to write all those precious recipes including all the details.
This waterfall's last page is actually a pull out with a Recipe Planner in full length form. A scalloped pull works great.
Lift that waterfall page and underneath is....... yes...... another pop up! This one I used one of the cool stickers from the collection, matted it and used it for the pop up. Love how it turned out. The base page has a matted cut a part that was then made in to a bottom pocket/stop which also holds matted cut a parts and more recipes!
Gotta' love the fun aspect of pop ups!
Lift that center flap and more and more space for recipes folks! I used that pattern inside this album as I did on the cover as I just love that graphic, so darn vintage and beautiful.
Close the flaps and turn the page..... matted cut a parts become bottom pocket/stops and hold more and more matted cut a parts and recipes.
Turn the page and more and more places for more and more recipes. I wanted this album to be chocked full of recipe space.
Open the page more to expand that entire look. The center now has a base embellished with coordinating seam binding and a sticker from the collection to create a holding band for more cut a parts and recipes. On the right hand side there is another bottom corner pocket/stop that holds more cut a parts and recipes.
 This page has a magnetic lower corner flap that holds cut a parts and or recipes snuggly in place. I papered the magnetic flap with cool cut a parts and love the results.
Turning that page and there is another magnetized lower flap that holds more tags and recipes.
 Turn the page for the last time and that back page of the set has 2 pockets that hold matted cut a parts and recipes.
The last page of the set and the inside of the back cover.
The inside of the back cover mirrors the inside of the front cover with the cool red gingham bottom pocket and a matted sticker from the collection to make it shine. Large recipe cards from the collection fit perfectly and this roomy pocket holds several.
The inside of the right spine and magnetic closure. Even that space has a pocket/stop that holds a resized cut a part.
I have to say, this was again another fun project and made so easy with this Saucy Collection from Authentique. Below I have a materials list for your convenience as well as links to my youtube video and a link to Country Craft Creations where you can find the materials to create this project. Feel free to comment or if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Materials List
Authentique Saucy Collection * Authentique Cardstock * Art Glitter Glue * ScorTape * Chipboard * Cardstock pink and cream * Art Impressions Stamps * Lawn Fawn Pop Up Dies * Tim Holtz metal silverware