Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Large Waterfall Explosion Box Design Team Project for Country Craft Creations
What a fun fun project this was and so very easy to do. This is a huge explosion box with tons of waterfalls inside.

 This explosion box measures 7 1/2 X 8 with an 8X8 lid. The Graphic 45 St. Nicholas collection is what I used to create this fun holiday project. I matted some of the cut a parts and popped them up for dimension on the lid. I also created the pretty fun 'ribbon' using red cardstock and the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board. Some pretty golden edged leaves with golden berries finishes the dimensional embellishments on the lid. I papered the entire box inside and out and used black cardstock as the base. Cut a parts that have been matted grace every side of the box.

The pretty lid with the cardstock bow and dimensional elements

Remove the lid and let the box open to reveal all the fabulous waterfalls!

Each of the waterfalls are held closed by decorative magnetic closures. There are 2 styles of waterfalls on the sides of the box, the front and back flaps have the same style, and the 2 sides have the same styles. On the front and back waterfalls, on each page back there is a pocket that holds a matted tag. This tag is large enough to hold a photo or journaling. So much space in this explosion box for tons of photos and journaling.

The side waterfalls are also held closed with decorative magnetic closures to keep those photos safe and in place.

On the side waterfalls, every 'other' page back has a pocket with a matted tag, otherwise the page is decorated with a full size beautiful holiday cut a part. Such a festive Christmas Explosion Box!!

In the center of the box, you will find some pretty matted magnetic cut a parts. These magnetic closures (2) each hold a large accordion pull out with yet another waterfall underneath!

Open one side and pull the accordion page out to reveal more and more space for treasured photos. Both sides are papered with the beautiful collection.

Expand the other side (both showing pulled) and what a fun hidden interactive area!

Under those accordion pulls, you will find yet another waterfall!!! This one operates as an alternating page one side then the next etc. Lots of interactives in this explosion box!

Such a fun interactive Christmas Explosion Box. This box is plenty large enough to also add a 'gift' inside the box without hindering the waterfall. Such a fun way to give a gift and such a fun gift to receive.

Below you will find a link to Country Craft Creations where you can obtain this beautiful collection.

You can also view my walkthrough youtube video using the following link:

Materials List
Graphic 45 St. Nicholas Collection * Graphic 45 Twelve Days of Christmas * Black Cardstock * Art Glitter Glue * Medium Weight Chipboard * Red Cardstock * Pop Dots *

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Design Team Project using the BoBunny Kiss the Cook Collection
I am so excited to share with you this recipe mini album I created using this fabulous collection! The graphics, colors and overall theme of this collection is nothing short of wonderful, a true must have for sure. I hope you all like this album, it's large and packed full of interactives and tons of space for all the recipes you could possible have.
On the cover I used the pretty red dotted swiss pattern and over the top I used one of the very cool pieces of ephemera to overlay and add interest. I used more ephemera pieces that add dimension and are popped up. I added one of the chipboard pieces (the mixer) that also serves as a holder for the recipe cards. The closure for this recipe album is magnetic and is adorned with one of the ephemera cards and some small silverware that fits perfectly. This album is a large 9 X 8 1/2
The spine is papered in the same awesome red dotted swiss and the spoon is from the ephemera pack. I used colored seam binding in red and black to finish off the spine.
The back of the album has a bottom pocket and ephemera pieces which hold 2 very large recipe cards from the ephemera pack.
The back cover with the recipe cards removed to show the large fork from the ephemera pack. Some very cool ephemera pieces in this collection.
The flap part of the magnetic closure decorated with one of the stickers in the collection. This recipe album has a large 3" spine.
The inside cover and page 1
The inside cover, love how this turned out. There are 2 large pockets that hold recipe cards from the ephemera pack. I have also added a stationary clip that holds even more recipe cards. Plenty of room in those pockets and that clip to add many more recipe cards. On the bottom pocket you will find a cool spoon and an ephemera piece (the bicycle) that is being used as a stop to hold some recipe tags.
The recipe cards from the inside cover and the 2 recipe tags.
This is the base with all the recipe cards removed.
Page 1. This page has a large bottom pocket that is embellished with black seam binding and a popped up cut a part.
These pages all have a top load huge matted tag with pulls. One is shown partially pulled.
These are the booklets from inside that pocket.
Pages 2 & 3 aren't these graphics and colors fantastic?!
Page 2. A large bottom magnetic flap is embellished with a cute apron and a popped up cut a part I matted. Red seam binding adds more pop to the page. What's behind the flap....
A pocket on the bottom that holds more additives.
The recipe cards and tags from that pocket.
Page 3. This is actually a SPLIT page that houses 2 sets of waterfalls. Yep! The top independent section is a top flip waterfall and the bottom independent section is a side flip waterfall that also has bottom corner pockets on each side with small cute tags.
The top section also holds a top load tag. The bottom section has a top load pocket that will hold additional recipes.
Showing the sections are independent of each other
Showing the top flip waterfall exposed
The bottom side flip waterfall
Just a flip of the side waterfall to show
Page 4 is the backsides of the independent waterfalls.
Page 5. This page is inter-active and also holds so much! I love this base paper with the black and white squares, like the old time tile floors. I put a bottom 'flip' magnetic accordion pocket on the bottom. There is a large bottom pocket under that magnetic one that is easily accessed by merely pulling down the magnetic accordion pocket.
Open the accordion pocket and you will find several recipe file cards. The front of the pocket is embellished with a cool ephemera piece that is popped up to add interest.
Pull the magnetic pocket down to expose the large pocket behind it.
There are 2 large recipe cards from the ephemera collection and a matted cut a part from the large pocket.
The large top load matted tag with pull is partially pulled to show.
 Pages 6 & 7
Page 6 has a long side pocket with a magnetic stationary booklet
that opens to reveal a bottom stop from the sticker sheet with a cut a part recipe card. A bottom stop matted from a cut a part serves to hold a cute recipe tag. Inside that long roomy side pocket is a large booklet covered on the front with one of the cut a parts.
The contents of those pockets.
Page 7. What a fun page. The colorful pretty striped pattern paper is the perfect background for a large ephemera spatula. A matted ephemera Lemon recipe card and a matted sticker from the sticker sheet sets the page off nicely. A good size bottom stationary accordion pocket is held closed with a cute chipboard rolling pin I colored to make it pop.
The large top pull matted tag is partially pulled to show.
Turn the rolling pin to open the bottom pocket and you will find several matted recipe cards with easy to use pulls. This accordion pocket will hold many recipes!
Pages 8 & 9
Page 8. This pattern paper is just awesome! I love the weathered wood shelves that hold the many food staples. On the bottom left I created a bottom stop from 3 of the jar pieces from the ephemera pack which holds 2 large cookies that would be easy to use for journaling about a favorite recipe. On the bottom right is another accordion pocket that is stationary and has a faux flap on the front. Inside there are several matted recipe cards to put those treasured recipes on and keep safe.
Those very cool recipe cards from the accordion pocket.
Page 9. This is another split page with 2 of the independent waterfalls. The top is a top flip waterfall and the bottom is a side flip waterfall with pockets on each page that are holding recipe cards. So much space for even more recipes! These are both on separate hinges that allow them to operate freely from each other. The top waterfall has the top load matted tag and the bottom waterfall also has a top load pocket to hold those magazine recipes you have cut to save.
The top waterfall flipped up to show one of the pages..
The side waterfall flipped to show a bit of the inside and the cool ephemera tags.
Page 10 is the backsides of the independent waterfalls.
Page 11. This page holds a large magnetic accordion pocket adorned with cherry patterned paper and a big pair of lips that have been popped up for dimension.
The very nice size matted tags with pulls from that accordion pocket. Perfect place to record those special recipes and that accordion pocket will hold tons more.
Flip down the magnetic accordion pocket to expose a nice roomy bottom pocket. A matted ephemera tag dresses up the bottom pocket. Inside that pocket are 2 large recipe cards from the ephemera pack.
Look at the size of these recipe cards from the collection. They will hold the largest of recipes useable on the front and backs.
Page 12 & Inside back cover
Page 12. What a sweet colorful page. The cherries on the background paper is so pretty. A bottom corner pocket holds some recipe cards from the ephemera pack. There is a matted piece which provides another small pocket on top and holds another fun recipe card.
The goodies from the pockets
A cool ephemera piece decorates the top of the page.
The inside back cover. I love this! I used one of Tamra's ideas and made the rolling waterfall with a twist. I love all the papers on this cover and how wonderful they all go together, it makes for a fun retro setting. A bottom pocket is across the bottom with another surprise pocket hidden.
A magnetic closure also serves as the rolling waterfall pull.
Pull the magnetic closure flap to start the rolling!
Rolling on............  :-)
After you have rolled the entire waterfall up, lift that last piece to expose a secret pocket with 2 sweet recipe ephemera cards tucked inside. Yes, lots more recipes could be stored in these pockets.
These are the goodies from the two them!
The inside of the magnetic closure is also decorated with the fabulous paper.
I love this collection, it was one of the easiest to work with and must say it flowed fabulously! I think this could be an heirloom to hold all those precious family recipes and the new favorite ones to add to the legacy. What fun it was to work with!
Below is the materials list for this creation as well as links to my youtube video and the webstore where you too can get this collection.
BoBunny Kiss the Cook 12x12 pad * BoBunny 6x6 Kiss the Cook pad * BoBunny Ephemera Pack * BoBunny Recipe Pack * BoBunny Sticker Sheet * Blue Fern Studios Cute Kitchen Set Chipboard pieces * ScorTape * Art Glitter Glue * Black Cardstock * Red Cardstock * Chipboard * Colored Seam Binding * Silverware (from my stash)
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